Top 3 Go-To Positions For EVERY Couple

Sex positions, oh how I love thee! So many varieties to enhance your sexual repertoire! Missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, off the bed, froggy, wheelbarrow, reverse missionary – so many options to choose from! Hell, you can even make up some variations of your own during the heat of the moment! However, there has to be those positions which are just plain out “go-tos” for any couple, right? Sure there are! While every couple may have their top 3 – here are the ones I feel should be on the go-to list.

If you think missionary is a boring position than you are not doing it right! The standard “male on top” missionary position is a favorite for a reason: it feels damn good and it is an intimate position. Missionary offers certain aspects that can’t be beat: the ability to kiss and caress each other, being able to look into your lover’s eyes, a lot of skin to skin contact (which is sexy as hell), a deep penetrating position that offers a lot of clitoral rubbing for her, and the ability to add variety just by her moving her legs or him pushing up on his arms to increase the penetration angle. Missionary is a go-to because it is a classic position that offers couples so much more than a ho-hum time in the sack!

Experience Greater Intimacy With These Sexual Positions

I absolutely believe that the Doggy style position is a must do! In this position the man is behind the woman and the variations of how this is done are multiple. You can both be kneeling on the bed, the woman on all fours; she can kneels on the bed toward the edge and he can stand; she can bend over a chair or couch and he can take her standing up; you can both be on the bed and he can push her down onto the mattress. The point is – rear entry is HOT. It offers a very deep penetrating position for both of you, she can play with her clitoris for extra stimulation, and he can grab her hips, back or hair (yummy) while he is penetrating her. The angle can be changed by adjusting her tilt or the way she is kneeling or bending. The rear entry (doggy) position is a definite must-do for all couples because it is amazingly versatile and just feels so amazing.

There HAS to be a position where the woman can take control of her lover. There are so many woman-on-top positions that surely there is a fit for any couple. The standard woman on top missionary is the most common, but may not work for all couples depending on hip-spread length, body size and the like. However, this can be varied and altered to work for all couples. The idea is to, well, get the woman on top! This can be achieved while lying on a bed or sitting in a chair. For some women riding their lover on the couch is the best way to be on top! Or, facing away riding him on the bed works wonders too. The glory of the woman on top position – any of them – is that she is in control of the speed, depth, angle and penetration of the action. While he gets to relax and watch his lover please herself on him – the visuals are very nice too. He can grab her breasts, hips, play with her clitoris and overall make himself an active participant in any way he likes while she uses him to get off! Win-win-double WIN!

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