7 Places In Your Home You NEED To Have Sex In

If you think that sex is only for the bedroom then you are so, so missing out on some sexy and fun opportunities! There are so many places in (and outside) of your home where you can have some unique sexual encounters. So, the next time you are thinking of sexy time why not take it OUT of the bedroom and try something new in one of these other places in your home!

If you think that kitchens are only for cooking or that “you can’t have SEX where we make FOOD” – think again! You can and you SHOULD have sex in your kitchen. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

• High counters make for great oral sex! Just the right height for you to give him a comfortable blowjob or for him to spread you wide and have some dessert!

• Cool, tile floors. The coolness of most kitchen floors creates a different sensation on your naked bodies.

• Ice is readily available! Sex should be fun and you should have fun having sex. Grabbing some ice out of the ice maker and using it during foreplay is a great surprise for your lover.

Whether you have a formal dining room or just a kitchen, one thing everyone has is a kitchen table! I can’t express how much fun and how many opportunities there are for sex on a kitchen table. Have you thought of the possibilities? Take a seat and nuzzle up between your partner’s legs for some yummy oral, place the female on her back on the table and stand at the side holding her legs for some really nice thrusting, put her on her hands and knees on the table for some super kinky oral or fingering. Plus, if you are into bondage at all, tables make excellent places to tie her / him down. Oh yummy!

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While not everyone has an office or a study in their home, many people do have desks. Desks are perfect places for sex because, once again, the height of a desk offers a bunch of options. Either of you can sit on the desk and the other can give you some amazing oral sex while sitting on the chair. Standing while she sits on the desk offers an amazing angle, and of course the office chair may offer some options as well. Study hard for your sex quiz!

Come on, don’t tell me you have never had sex in the bathroom! This should be a standard place for all couples- especially those with kids. Here are just some places to get down and dirty in the bathroom:

• Showers and tubs – and if you are really lucky, whirlpool tubs! Nothing is sexier than combining warm water and sex.

• Countertops – I cannot express enough how underutilized countertops are. Not only are they a perfect height for sex and oral, but they often have a mirror behind them which means there is a little erotic element to watching the action.

• Toilets – the toilet is a great place for him to take a seat and for her to lower down onto him. Toilets are not too wide, so she can literally place her legs around him, sit down, wrap her arms around his neck and slowly rock back and forth.

Whether you call it a “family room” or a “living room” there are certain to be chairs and couches in there. While you may have thought of having sex on your couch before, have you thought about that overstuffed chair? Or, if you are really luck you may have one of those chairs without arms – these make EXCELLENT chairs for him to sit on while YOU sit on HIM! Oh yeah, now you are seeing the possibilities! Couches, of course, make wonderful places for both oral and sex as well as a comfy place to cuddle post sex. Chairs offer new angles and experiences for both of you as well.

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If you are lucky enough to have stairs in your home then you MUST use the staircase for some sexy encounters. Not only do they naturally offer different levels for positioning, but you can move up and around to do different activities. Oral sex, blowjobs, doggy style, woman on top – oh yeah, the stairs are a happening place to get down and up – and down – and up!

Do you have a backyard deck? How about an apartment balcony deck? Some decks offer a nice, private place where you can get down and dirty outside for some extra thrills. Deck chairs make fun places to have some sexy time and, of course, being pressed against a deck railing, kissing like teenagers, and then turned around while he enters her from behind as she bends over the deck railing, oh yeah, do it on that deck!

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