Our Best Valentine's Day Oral Sex Tips & Techniques

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What better gift to give you lover on Valentine’s Day (and beyond) than oral sex? The erotic intimacy of taking your lover in you mouth can actually be incredibly connecting and sexy! We’ve come up with tips and tricks you to keep under your belt when getting under your lover’s belt. Everyone is built differently, two people can desire completely different sets of skills. Take a few tips from these techniques and discover what can bring your partner to orgasm!

Oral Sex Tips For The Penis


Take your time with teasing the penis and getting used to the feeling of your partner's erection between your lips by sucking on one inch at a time. You can put just the tip in your mouth, suck and lick, take it out, then put it back in a little deeper, and repeat until you’ve got as much as you can handle! It will drive your lover crazy with anticipation!


You may have heard a blowjob referred to as a “hummer” in the past, and that’s no coincidence! Humming or moaning while giving oral creates sensational vibrations that radiate through your mouth and into your partner's penis. This effect can also be achieved by holding a small vibrator, like a vibrating bullet, to your cheek while they're in your mouth. You can even do this if you have your partner's testicles in your mouth!


It can be incredibly stimulating for your partner to know that you're enjoying their erection in your mouth - just like they should be focused on you when giving YOU oral sex! Explaining how much you love giving them head is a great place to start. Say that you’re going to lick their penis into a frenzy and surprise them with a few sucks. Moan, gasp, grin, and get some emotion into the mix while you use your hand to continue the stimulation!


Good head isn’t all about sucking. It’s about many different sensations coming together in a medley of orgasmic experiences. The tongue is incredibly useful for a penis! Try puffing out your lips and gently French kiss the tip of the penis. Remember that just below the head, on the underside of the penis, is the frenulum - a very sensitive bit of skin. Take care when your swirling your tongue around, be very gentle in the area of the frenulum!

Oral Sex Tips For The Clit

Each long stroke with a flattened, wide tongue lets your partner feel the warmth and texture of your lovely licker against their clit. Your partner can move their body against your mouth to build up arousal. If those moves alone don’t bring them to orgasm, you can move on to sucking, flicking, and swirling your tongue! Add in our best selling clit cream and you'll both be in for a good time.
This is a real tip to get blood pumping to the clitoris. If you purse your lips on the sensitive skin around the clitoris and suck, it will drive more blood to the surface and make the clit more sensitive to your every move. Once your partner is more used to this sucking sensation, open your lips, widen your mouth, and plant it right over the clitoris. Alternate sucking and licking - without removing the suction you have on the clit - and your partner will be cumming in no time! If you ever wonder why this feels so good, it’s because its equivalent to licking and sucking on the head of a penis.
This may be one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it can be easily forgotten when you're in-between your partner's thighs! If you to know what type of sensation they like, spell out the ABCs with your tongue! Each letter is a different kind of stroke, and you may learn - in the process of running through the alphabet - that your partner wiggles on certain letters over others. If they start to breathe heavier on “O,” “P,” and “Q” but not on “E,” or “F,” then they may prefer more circular, rounded flowing strokes as opposed to up-and-down or left-to-right flicks. Try the letters at different speeds for an even better grasp on what they enjoy the most!. You can even give the clit a light suck in-between each letter to make the session last longer! Who knew the ABCs were so sexy?!

If your partner is all hot and bothered with an arousing array of wide tongue strokes, then it is time to switch to the tip... of your tongue! Start by just brushing your tip along the outer lips of the vagina, then the inner lips, narrowing down your playing field like a bullseye. Then alternate touches near the clit and near the entrance of the vagina. If your partner is enjoying and liking these quick, teasing touches, then you can graduate to longer moments of touching, add in your fingertips, or even the tip of a vibrator to heighten the pleasure! Just remember that whether your partner is naturally lubricating or not, anything you place on the clitoris should be wet. Lick your fingers, add an edible lubricant to the vibrator, do whatever you have to to ensure smooth, sensual strokes on her sensitive areas.

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  • Greggo

    The flat tongue thing works! Tried that along with some of the other tips you offered and she had a great orgasm in no time. He’ll I’m catching a hard just thinking about it! Thanks TT

  • Happy Oral

    Tried this flat tongue trick last night. That little clit came right out switched between that and the tongue flicking and drove her wild. Nice tips.

  • Max

    I need a lesson

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