5 Tips To Help Master The Deep Throat

For so many women the ultimate goal of their BJ repertoire is to learn to successfully deep throat. Deep throating is when you take your man’s penis into your mouth during oral sex and slide it down the back of your throat – deeply – and then repeat. There are many different techniques to deep throating. Some women will swallow while their man’s penis is down in their throats and this causes a tightening around his shaft, others are able to allow their man to roughly “fuck” their mouths and throat, and still others can go for long periods of time with their man’s penis down in their throats while tease him with their tongue. Whatever you are able to do – and however you choose to do it – deep throating is a skill worth learning.

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If you ask any woman who won’t attempt deep throating why they won't do it, they will answer, “Because I will puke all over him when I gag on it!” The hardest or rather, most challenging part of deep throating is the natural gag reflex that most people have. In fact, there are only a mere 35% of people who do not have a gag reflex naturally, so if you are one of those women who don’t, congratulations! However, if you are on the flip side of this and are one of those people who gags when she tries to brush the back of her tongue, never fear, you CAN get over that reflex, but it will take some work. Firstly, do you think that the anti-gag sprays really work? Truthfully, they can be helpful, but they are not a miracle cure. You are still putting something down into your throat and no spray available over the counter is going to numb you enough. Nope, I am afraid you are going to have to desensitize yourself from that urge to gag. So, for this it is a simple practice makes perfect scenario.

No, you do not practice on your man. I mean, you can, but you will probably want to use a stand-in instead, just in case things DO go badly. I suggest a nice, average size dildo. You want things to be as realistic as you can. Yes, you can use something like a spoon or a toothbrush, but the diameter is not even close and it is not as filling as the real deal. So, use a manly stand in. Then, you basically (after sterilizing) repeatedly stick the dildo down into your throat. Try holding it there, try moving it in and out, try swallowing around it. Whenever you feel that gag start to kick in, stop, take a second and try to suppress it. The more you do this the more likely you are to get past the urge.

Once you get accustomed to the object sliding down your throat, you have to also get used to the fact that you can’t really breath with a penis down your throat. You may feel like you are choking or gasping for air. You have to learn to try and breathe out of your nose, which is near impossible for most women. The easier way is to find a rhythm that allows you to take little breaths as he slides out of your throat, then hold it while he is down IN your throat. This can be particularly hard if you are excited, as our breath becomes shallower when we are sexually aroused. Just make sure that your partner is aware that you are still learning, so when you move on from practicing with the dildo, he can be patient and allow you the breaks you will need.

For some women certain positions are easier to achieve deep throating in than others. The standard “go-to” position, especially for newbies, is a little strange, but really does work. It is the “lying on your back, your head dipped backward off the side of the bed” position. Huh? Did you read that right? Yes, you did. She will lay on her back with her head at the edge of the bed. He will stand with his penis at the level of her head. Then, she will tip her head back and open her mouth. This makes her throat a long, straight canal to accept his penis. The position is very similar to the position a doctor would put a patient in to insert a breathing tube. Same concept, it take the bend out of the throat. He will slide himself straight into her throat and, hopefully, this will also help with the gag reflex as this position naturally relaxes the throat. Then, he can slowly go back and forth in and out.

A second position that seems to be helpful is an old favorite: woman on knees in front of him. This position allows her to take a bit of control and to be able to title her head in a position that is comfortable for her. She can bend her head back for him to go more deeply. She can also use her hands to pull him more deeply down her throat. It is easier for her to take breaks if needed as well. This is a nice position for newbies especially since there will not be the feeling of suffocation that can happen in other positions.

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One of the sexist things that will happen as you are deep throating him is that your saliva will become thick and frothy. Yes, you know what I am taking about. Ever seen the porn where the spit is literally spilling out all over, making that delicious smacking noise as he goes in and out of her throat? Yeah, you know what I am talking about. Not only does the spit have a purpose – it helps his penis to slide in and out of her mouth – but it also is an erotic and super sexy factor to it. This will be extremely arousing to the man and it will be very evident that he is super aroused! Oh yeah, get frothy baby.

Yes, swallow. Sorry, I have to say it – S W A L L O W! No, you don’t HAVE to swallow his cum if you do not want to, that is always your choice. However, nothing is sexier than having your man all the way down your throat and having him ejaculate while he is deep down there! In fact, if you don’t really like the taste of feeling of him cumming in your mouth this could be a great option since you won’t even feel it happening! Women who can deep throat to completion and swallow while he is still down there are a special breed of deep throating pros!

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