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TOm H - November 17, 2019

1999 the wife has colon cancer. Radiation and chemo sterilized her where no penetration is possible vaginally. She had her anus dissected too, so nothing that way. For 20 years i have given her pleasure clotorally with an egg and flicker tail but it seems they are passe thry most providers. Suggestions?

KImo - November 10, 2019

Wife wife wants to do me with a strapon I’ve never had anyone ever ask me that. She bough tv one yet hasn’t asked me to participate yet should I let her or just hold my virgin ass to myself

Christina - October 28, 2019

Yes I was wondering g how can you turn your partner on when he isn’t in the mood?

Dallas - October 24, 2019

Is it possible for my wife to have an orgasm while I am inside of her during intercourse we have not been able to do this together in our marriage

Anon - October 21, 2019

As a woman who’s been masturbating for a year, and who’s done everything the articles say, tried various toys and whatnot, why can’t I get myself off?

Kylee - October 7, 2019

Can you tell me is orajel is ok to use for anal sex

Kylee - October 7, 2019

Hello can you tell me if it is ok to use Isabel for anal sex?

Tiffany - October 3, 2019

What is beat big black dildo that would cum on my self my breast r tiny but very puffy

Anonymous - September 26, 2019

I am considering male penis enhancement. I am average size but would like to be bigger in girth. Is more girth than length more pleasurable for a female. does size really matter.

Rich - September 11, 2019

I have had prostrate surgery and cannot get an erection. What sex toy would you recommend or any advice?

Thank you!

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