All You Need To Know About Cuckholding

Have you heard of "cuckholding"? Recently, cuckholding has been taking the porno world by storm, with a recent influx of videos hitting online porn sites. Cuckholding is when a man watches his wife / girlfriend having sex with another man. Oftentimes, this is not for his pleasure, but for hers. If you are wondering why in the world anyone would want to do this, let me tell you, it is a very common fantasy turned reality.

Many people falsely believe that cuckholding is about cheating or having a cheating fantasy, when it is exactly the opposite. In cuckholding, the man in the relationship wants to watch his partner having sex with another man and is often the one who suggests it and/or sets up the event. All parties are aware, there is no pretending that the woman is being caught in the act, and oftentimes the man in the relationship will participate with his partner at some point in the scenario or directly after.

Many times, the man in the relationship has developed some erectile issues and this has left him unable to physically penetrate and satisfy his partner through standard sexual intercourse. Therefore in an attempt to provide that for his partner, a cuckholding situation is suggested. This way he can watch his partner enjoying sex with his permission and not have to worry about his penis having issues during the act. Also, sometimes watching this event can revitalize his erection and can facilitate sexual activity between a man and his partner.

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Standard cuckholding has nothing to do with a bisexual fantasy for the man. It is assumed, sometimes, that the man must be bisexual or even homosexual because he wants to watch another naked man during sex. This is a gross generalization, and while it is possible that cuckholding can be a way to explore this, more often than not it has absolutely nothing to do with a bisexual or homosexual desire. Think about it, more often then not, he's watching a naked man have sex with a woman in a lot of pornographic movies, so why is this any different?

For some couples, part of the thrill of cuckholding is allowing the man in the relationship to "clean up" the ejaculation of the other man. Whether this means performing oral sex on his partner after ejaculation and eating the cum out of her, or any other post-ejaculation activity including fingering and sex. This is not a standard part of cuckholding, but it can be a very exciting part of the experience.

For some men, part of the thrill is the element of humiliation that comes with cuckholding at times. If he cannot pleasure his woman and has to get someone else to do it for him, there is a slight element of humiliation. Some women will even taunt their partners while they are having sex with the other man, telling him how hard or big or better in bed he is than her partner is. For some men, this added element of humiliation really adds to the situation and causes a unique thrill and arousal.

Two's A Crowd & Three's A Party

Couples who participate in cuckholding often report that it brings them closer together. For some, it cements the idea that the couple wants only each other, for others it shows how far a man will go to please his woman. Cuckholding can also be only a one-time thing that revitalizes a sexual relationship. When a sexual experience is engaged in willingly and with aforethought it can be a wonderful and exciting situation.

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