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Ahhhh, the ever favorite 69 position! Eliciting giggles in teenagers since, well, before 1969! The “69” position is when you and your lover (either male / female, male/ male, or female / female) align yourselves so that you can perform simultaneous oral sex on each other! It is an extremely arousing, fun, sexy and orgasmic position! What could possibly be more stimulating than performing oral sex on your partner while he/she is performing it on you! Many women and men find it a favorite for foreplay or even the main event! Keep in mind, however, that this position can take a bit of finagling to get into, but there is more than one way to 69!

It is a bit of a toss up as to which is more popular: woman or man on top (provided we are talking about a male / female couple). I tend to believe that woman on top has a slight edge over man on top for one reason (to be explained later). To get into this position the man should lie down on the bed on his back. He can put a pillow under his head if desired – this often helps with the reaching of the “parts” of his partner. Then, the woman will get on all fours and position herself with her knees on either side of his head and her head down by his penis. Then, you simply adjust back and forth or up or down in order to make contact with each other’s genitals.

Mikayla's Tip: In this position, the woman has quite a bit of control over the man’s private parts. She can use her hand (at least one is left after support) to stroke him, and if she needs a break, she can sit up a bit, almost in a "facesitting" position, and stroke his penis. If a woman has some sexual skill, she can go deep and pull him all the way into her mouth. The man can reach his hands around and spread her open, use a finger or two inside of her where she likes, and can pull her down onto his face if he so desires. The woman will have some ‘wiggle’ room, which can be extremely stimulating for both of them!

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Exactly like the woman on top position, only this time the man is situated on top. This position can be a bit harder for the sole reason that the man’s penis will be going deeper down his partner’s throat – so if you are quick to gag on your partner, this may not be the best option for you. However, women find being on bottom to sometimes be more stimulating because they can spread their legs wide, and put more tension on their clitoris, often resulting in better orgasms. In this position the woman can use both her hands to guide his penis into her mouth or to stroke him in between sucking. The man can use his hands to play with her lovely lady parts while he is licking her to orgasmic bliss!

Mikayla's Tip: Guys, be mindful that while you are dipping down into her mouth and throat that she still has to breathe! So, while it may feel great to plunge into her throat, let her guide YOU down. Make sure you are being sensitive to her comfort and remember that your most prized body part is in her mouth – with TEETH! Now, as for pleasing her, try taking her legs and pushing them behind your elbows, forcing her to be spread wider! It will feel great to her and be quite visually pleasing for you.

Occasionally, there are reasons why neither partner desires or is able to be on top during a 69. Never fear – just do it sideways! This alternate, yet still basic, 69 position offers a little more comfort for both partners. You will simply lay side by side, but head-to-genitals and wrap yourselves around each other. Usually one person will have to twist a bit to get it lined up just right, but once you are in position, you can go to happy town! If you find yourself inclined you can roll from this position into a standard 69 position – and then back again!

Mikayla's Tip: Depending on the height difference, this may be a more difficult position to achieve. If you are finding it harder to match up, you can use your hands to supplement for the height difference. Meaning, the person who can not reach the other person’s genitals can use their hands to stroke or finger their partner!

Since this is a basic article on the 69 position I will stop here. However, keep in mind that there are many other saucy ways to 69! So, keep an eye out for that article and step up the 69 game in your bedroom!

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