5 Common Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has them. Yes, EVERYONE. Sexual fantasies. Whether you are dreaming of riding the bag boy at your local grocery store, wishing your hubby would bend you over his knee and spank you or dreaming of having sex under a waterfall – it is still a sexual fantasy. Sexual fantasies sometimes push our limits of our sexuality – or – perhaps allow us to venture into lands much kinkier than we would normally roam. Sometimes sexual fantasies are just that: FANTASIES. However, sometimes those fantasies become a reality when we allow ourselves to be open about them with our partners. Whether your fantasy will stay your hot little secret or not is up to you – but the most important thing to remember is, they are healthy and good for your sexual soul. One small word of warning: if your sexual fantasies involve hurting someone, children or animals – these are NOT healthy fantasies to have, and it is better to get help from a certified therapist before the need to explore the fantasy takes over.

You knew it was coming, right? Threesomes are BY FAR the most common sexual fantasy of both men and women. The irony? Both men and women desire a two-woman and one man set-up. Sure, as discussed in #2 homosexual fantasies do occur, however for coupled up partners the overwhelming desire is for FFM threesomes. Speculation is that a woman feels more secure opening herself up to girl on girl loving if a male partner is also present while a man would not open himself up to male / male penetration in front of another woman. It is a bit of the “mighty cock” syndrome as well, the competition need not be present in the bedroom.

For BOTH men and women, a common sexual fantasy is same sex activities. Yes, even straight men will often have this fantasy, imagining being “taken” or “made to give a blow job” by another man. In this “forced” scenario, the heterosexual male is not responsible for his exploration of the taboo of same sex activities. While for women, the dynamic is quite different as women are naturally attracted to each other. We notice the hair, body, nails, face and breasts of other women. We often touch each other in intimate ways. The leap from this to sex is not a far one and many women imagine what it would be like to map out munchville.

Who hasn’t dreamt of making a personal porn or taking some racy pictures? I know I have (and I have done it too). We are curious by nature and viewing someone having sex is the ultimate thrill. What is more thrilling? Being watched! Many people have the fantasy where their sexual exploits are “caught” by the unsuspecting person walking by the window. For others, actually taping sex with a partner is the appeal. The INTENTION of showing this intimate and private act to others is extremely arousing. The flip side, watching your partner masturbate or even be intimate with another person is a major turn on. Even if the person has no desire for their partner to cheat, the appeal of watching them get off with another person can be quite alluring!

While ‘rape’ fantasies are also somewhat prevalent, the more common denominator in this genre is a forced sex or bondage type fantasy. More women have this fantasy than men and it basically involves having a man so completely lustful for them that he HAS to have her. The bondage component lends itself to body admiration: where the man will tie his lover up and tease and taunt her while she is helpless to stop him. It is a way to be forced to drop all inhibitions. The driving force behind these fantasies is not being forced into sex per se, but instead being the ultimate object of lust and need.

I almost didn’t put this one is, because it is so cliché, but, school girl fantasies are huge for many, many men! Those short, pleated skirts, knee high white socks, tight little tops and pigtails – what is it about pigtails? The school girl fantasy is so popular that there are millions of internet sites that sell costumes year- round so you can get your “school girl” on! Remember, however, that sex with underage girls is yucky and bad – so if you want the REAL school girl, seek some medical attention!

Mikayla’s Tip: Remember fantasies are a wonderful way to explore and expand our sexual repertoire! We should always be able to discuss our fantasies with our partner, even if we are never gonna go down that road.

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