4 Things HE Should Stop Being Cocky About In The Bedroom

Oh guys, when are you going to learn: put your penis where your mouth is. Being cocky about yourself in any regard when it comes to sex is, well, tacky. It turns us off instead of turning us on. Especially if what you are being cock about isn’t, well, something to write home about! Yes, guys, it is good to know you have the skills and the body parts to make her purrrr, but how about more doing and less talking?

Do you have a nice sized penis? Do you think it is “as wide as a soda can” or “as long as a snake.” Do you tell your women, “baby, you are going to be cumming like crazy when I get inside you.” Do you think that this cocky attitude turns us on? It doesn’t. Plus, what if your penis is NOT as big as someone else we have slept with? What if you have delusions of grandeur? You take a risk when you are cocky. Best advice: just let her enjoy you without a build-up of epic proportions. Being cocky about your cocky is simply unattractive.

Do you work out? Have 6-pack abs, biceps like a body builder, a toned body that screams ‘be a stripper?’ Great. Good for you. I know you work hard at it and you should be proud. Seriously. Be proud of that body. Just don’t be cocky about it. First of all, women are insecure about their anyway, so if you go bragging about yours we are going to concentrate on how imperfect ours is. Second, it is just an unattractive trait – it seems like you love you more than you love us. Kissing your biceps in the mirror and bragging about how many pounds you can press. Yeah, leave that shit in the gym, cause we aren't interested.

“Oh baby, I am going to lick you until you scream – hours and hours and hours!” We women have all heard that and what we actually got (5 minutes and ALMOST an orgasm) is NOT what was advertised. If you are going to be cocky about your skills in the oral sex department, then you had better deliver. Seriously, guys, women love oral sex and we need it to be on-point. Trust me: good oral with no expectations is a whole lot better than good oral with super high expectations! So, if you have some oral skills, don’t brag about it, just rock her world and do it! Do it, love it and enjoy it. Then WE will be the ones bragging about YOU!

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Again, as with the oral sex cockiness, if you think you have some serious game in the bedroom, just do it and don’t bother being all cocky about it. Bedroom skills are sort or subjective anyway. What YOU think makes you a great lover may not at ALL be what SHE thinks is a great lover. You may come off looking like a huge ZERO instead of the HERO. You may be a fantastic lover, have a whole bunch of great moves, and even have some lasting power – but what if it doesn’t all pan out? What if you have an off day? Nope, it is better to not be cocky and just enjoy the fact that you DO have some moves to show us. Plus, it puts us at ease wondering if our skill set matches. All part of making your woman feel comfortable.

The ultimate lesson here, guys, is that you don’t NEED to brag or be cocky – we KNOW if you have a nice body, a great penis and have moves in bed! We will want to sleep with you, we will have orgasms and we will be breathless when we are done! That is much better than being cocky!

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