10 Ways To Be The BEST He's EVER Had In Bed

You are in a relationship with a guy who you really, really like. He is the perfect guy for you. You want to make him happy in all things and, most importantly, want to be the BEST lover he has EVER had! You want him dreaming about the next time he can get you into bed. So, what can you do to guarantee he will be salivating over you and dying to get you naked? Well, I happen to have a few ideas on this front, so read on and find some true tricks of the trade to give him the best sex ever!

1. Confidence is Key
I have said it before a hundred times – MEN LOVE CONFIDENT WOMEN! If you enter that bedroom like you have porn star skills – he is going to think he is having sex with a porn star! Leave the lights on, go completely nude (or wear something that makes YOU feel super sexy), tell him what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you! Be vocal! Be enthusiastic! Be open and indulge your fantasies and his! Make each sexual experience something that makes him think “wow, now SHE is a sexy, confident woman!” Your man wants to have sex with you, he doesn’t notice your tummy pooch or your stretch marks – he wants and desires YOU – so enjoy it!

2. Get In Touch With Yourself – Literally.
As I said in the beginning of this article, men are visual creatures. What turns a man on MORE than watching his lover touch herself and give herself pleasure! It is visually appealing and educational, as he will see what his lover enjoys. So, when having sex with your partner, touch your own breasts, pinch your nipples, run your hands over your body. Masturbate either for him or during sex! Rub your clit and enhance your pleasure during sex – it will turn him on even more if you make yourself orgasm! This is a great way to be in a continuous circuit of pleasure!

3. Enthusiasm.
I almost find it funny that this needs to be said, but – have some excitement for sex! I have talked to so many of my male friends and many of them have admitted that one of the biggest turn offs with their partner is their lack of enthusiasm for sex. Do not just lay there and take it! Be an active participant. This means roll him over and get on top, talk dirty to him, moan and make other noises, tell him how good he feels! No man wants to have sex with an inanimate object – they want a real woman to connect with. Make this connection amazing! Show him just how much you enjoy having sex with him and he will want to repeat that over and over and over again!

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4. Anal Sex / Fantasies.
I know I will get blasted for this by some women, but, it needs to be said. In a recent poll done by Men’s Health Magazine, more than 78% of men polled admitted that they would love to try anal sex with their partners. Anal sex has consistently been a taboo desire for many men, and something many women still shy away from. Now, I am NOT suggesting that you can’t be a fantastic lover even if you never have anal sex. However, I am saying that it is a consistent desire of men so why not try it? Anal sex, when done correctly, is a very pleasurable activity for the woman and the man. So, if you want to be the best he has ever had at least contemplate trying activities he likes. Keeping in mind that a woman should never feel pressured to do anything she does not want to. Indulge in any other erotic fantasy he may have to. You never know what you may really like until you try it!

5. Step Out Of The Box.
Lovemaking should never be a re-run of all other times you have had sex. Sex should be a continual exploration of wants, needs, desires and fantasies! Try something new or a variation on something. Ask your lover what his fantasies are and see if you can accommodate him. Tell him what YOUR fantasies are! Even if you never actually fulfill them, you can arouse each other just by talking about it. Allow yourself to experience different positions – missionary only gets predictable and boring! Get up on top, suggest doggy style, switch it up! Do things that you always think of doing but don’t! Men can get bored with sex too so keep your love life popping by engaging in new and different sexual activities. Try out our favorite sex dice below, they will spice things up quickly!

6. Allow Yourself Pleasure.
For most men, giving pleasure is a HUGE turn on for them. Most times, it will fuel their desires. So, do not look at sex as a race or as something that “needs” to be done, but look at it as what it is: a chance to pleasure each other. This means, when your lover is going down on you – ENJOY IT! Soak in the sensations, move around on the bed, tell him how good it feels, grab his hair. Don’t limit yourself to one orgasm – try for more! Allowing your lover to see how much pleasure he is giving you will give HIM more pleasure as well! It is a win-win for both!

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7. Oral Ovations.
You knew I was going to say this, but men love blowjobs. If you want to be the best he has EVER had, then embrace the opportunity and honor (yes, I said it) of having his cock in your mouth. Worship it as the powerful member it is! When you go down on him do not do it because HE wants you to (even though he does), but do it because YOU want to! Pay attention to his whole cock and balls. Lick, suck, touch and devour it. Oh, and make a few moans while you are doing it and he is sure to go crazy. Yes, ladies, one sure fire way to be the best lover he has had is to give him the best ORAL he has ever had.

8. Fabulous Foreplay.
Men often get blasted for not engaging in foreplay, but women can be guilty of this as well. Men love to know that you desire them – so make it obvious. Flirt throughout the day, send sexy texts or a flirty picture, dedicate time for sex and for fun. Let him know you desire him. When you get to the bedroom, ravage him with attentions, take off his tie, rub his body, kiss him heatedly. Make foreplay an event that will have him needing you urgently!

9. Touchy / Feely.
Men like to be touched. Even more so, they love to be touched by a woman. Touching is a fantastic way to bring intimacy to your relationship and even a better way to make his skin crawl with desire! Touch his hands, run your fingernails over his wrists and arms. When you kiss, place your hands firmly in his hair. Make sure you are touching him, always. When it comes time for foreplay and sex, make sure your hands are on HIM. If he is between your legs, grab his hair, pull him into you! If you are having sex, wrap your feet around him; rake your nails across his back. Keep his skin alive with sensations and it will add to the experience for him tenfold!

10. Dress for Success.
Here is a secret: Men are visual creatures. So, the first trick to making your man crave your silky skin naked is to dress up that silky skin in something slinky and sexy. Going out to dinner? Don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt, wear a short dress. Have great breasts? Wear that lacy bra that pushes them up and forward! Dress up your assets! How does this help you to be the best lover he has ever had? It sets the sexy scene for the entire night and gets his engines revving before you even kiss! When you get to the bedroom, try your hand at some revealing, seductive lingerie. You'll have him begging for more! 

Mikayla’s Tip: The key to a successful and fulfilling sexual relationship is to be connected, engaged, active and explorative! This means try new things, be open about your desires, ask him his desires, be enthusiastic and be CONFIDENT!!

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