The Rise of AI Models and Their Lucrative Online Empire

Aitana Lopez, a vibrant 25-year-old pink haired model, has captivated a massive online following with her stunning looks. So what's the twist? Aitana isn't a real person, she is a artificial intelligence (AI) generated model created by Spanish designer Rubén Cruz.

A fitness influencer and gamer based in Barcelona, Aitana boasts 132,000 followers on instagram and earns Cruz up to $10,900 a month. The AI model, perfectly curated by Cruz's team, even attracts advertising deals with brands willing to pay up to $1,000 for promotions featuring her image.

Aitana's success has even prompted Cruz to create a second model, Maia. And with the agency receiving requests from brands seeking their own AI models, Cruz and his team feel they have come up with a cost effective alternative to human influencers.

While this digitized approach raises concerns about perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards and sexualization, Cruz argues that adhering to current aesthetic norms is essential for the models' success in the influencer industry. So would you buy a product or service promoted by an AI influencer?



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