Sex Myth Or Fact?! Contest Winner & New Contest Statement!


Last Week's Contest Winner Announced!
Congratulations, Rachelle.

This Week's Contest:
Watch the video below! Leave a comment with your opinion on if this statement is a sex myth or a sex fact to enter to win the $25 TooTimid gift card contest this week.



  • Dan Schlemmer

    Fact. You can burn a lot of calories and get some great cardio as well having sex !!

  • Gray

    Fact, you can burn calories NY having g sex. It’s the physical activity …

  • Eric

    It is a fact that you can burn off calories during sex. I had some medical problems in the pass and after speaking to my doctor about it, doc told me that sex can and do burn off calories just like other none sexual activities can do. It’s about increasing your heart rate by doing something that you enjoy.

  • H T

    Fact. You can burn calories engaging in sex!

  • Joe McEvoy


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