Sex Myth Or Fact?! Contest Winner & New Contest Statement!


Last Week's Contest Winner Announced!
Congratulations, Rachelle.

This Week's Contest:
Watch the video below! Leave a comment with your opinion on if this statement is a sex myth or a sex fact to enter to win the $25 TooTimid gift card contest this week.



  • Paul

    It is definitely a fact, not to mention the increase in cardio! I can’t think of a better way to accomplish two things at once.

  • RichardJesus

    Hello, I love music and art, all things crafting.
    The point of sex is to orgasm. I agree, a mental connection is “equally” valuable. Also, in my opinion, orgasms are 65% mental and 35% physical. (just making numbers easy). In a way, helping support the mental side.
    Though, you must “achieve” orgasm to complete the cycle. Imagine, if every woman said, orgasms don’t matter. because we had a strong mental connection. She goes her entire life never experiencing an orgasm. Now, imagine if it were a man. You have a strong mental connection, but you’ve never made him orgasm…

  • Sharlene

    Yes, FACT!!!!! With my partner i have lost weight, firm up my thighs and working on a flat stomach. Love TooTimid products..

  • Pam Fox

    Yes it is a fact. It is good for cardio.

  • Jeff N

    It is very true! You do burn calories while having sex. It is a very fun satisfying way to burn those calories!

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