Sex Myth Or Fact?! Contest Winner & New Contest Statement!


Last Week's Contest Winner Announced!
Congratulations, Rachelle.

This Week's Contest:
Watch the video below! Leave a comment with your opinion on if this statement is a sex myth or a sex fact to enter to win the $25 TooTimid gift card contest this week.



  • Jerry

    It is a FACT! You do burn calories during sex. Just how many calories depends on the couple! Ha Ha…

  • Eric

    Fact. Sex is a calorie burner, whether it’s a ‘slow burn’ or a ‘hot and heavy’ session. Any kind of physical activity will burn calories.

  • Dan
    most definitely Fact**** I’ve lost 23lbs having sex in the last year!! I have 45 mins to 60 mins sessions every two days and it’s pretty active!! I love to be inventive with my partner and experiment with different positions!!

  • JMS

    Fact. Best workout there is in my opinion.

  • Destiny

    Complete fact! The numbers break down to that it’s one of the highest calorie burners(close in burn to an hour of swimming or 45 minutes of dancing for half and hour of sex). Thank you for sharing my response for last week’s question!

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