Gen Z Sex Recession: Why Young People Are Dissatisfied With Their Sex Lives


Despite Gen Z’s contributions to the changing societal outlook on previously taboo subjects such as sex, sexuality and relationships, Gen Z’ers themselves claim to be largely dissatisfied with their current sex lives.

This dissatisfaction has initiated a generational sex recession that researchers are attributing to two major factors; TikTok and the pandemic. As a generation that grew up with TV, magazines, and social media, Gen Z has experienced an unusual flooding of toxic messaging about sex that according to Maria Yagoda, author of Laid and Confused: Why We Tolerate Bad Sex and How to Stop, “has actually disrupted our abilities to feel pleasure,” (Mitchell, 2023, p. 3).

This, in addition to the worldwide halt of human to human contact known as the COVID-19 pandemic, has made having good sex considerably harder given that going the lengths to coordinate sex feels unreasonable when most often it can be rated on a “meh-to-bad spectrum,” (Mitchell, 2023, p. 12).

Fortunately, if this generation can do anything it's to change the narrative, this time with one good sexual experience at a time.



Mitchell, A. (2023, June 1). Gen Z is having a sex recession — Here are the depressing reasons why. New York Post.

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