5 Prostate Massaging Toys For Beginners

We don't know why it's taboo for men to appreciate prostate pleasure, because it is so common! Just because it is rarely discussed outside the realm of the adult industry, doesn't mean men all over the world aren't reaching for their prostates and experiencing something shockingly sensational. Just like how women enjoy the powerful orgasms that a steady g-spot massage can bring, men can have similar, explosive orgasms with prostate massage.

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The p-spot, as it's also known, rests a couple inches within the male rectum, right behind the base of the penis shaft. Just like the g-spot, the p-spot can be reached and stimulated with a firm, rubbing pressure with a "come hither" curled finger. But what if a curled finger isn't enough? What if a curled finger is too much work for a solo male trying this massage for the first time? Give your fingers a rest, and slide into a new world of incredible pleasure with a prostate massager!

1. Vibrating Prostate Stimulator

A simple vibrating tool for massaging the prostate, the Vibrating Prostate Stimulator is sleek and naturally contoured to rest right against the male prostate gland. It's got a great handle for ultimate control, and a smooth slender tip with a stimulating ribbed base that buzzes right where you want it most.

2. Prostate Massager

Not just your typical toy, this beginner Prostate Massager provides a firm stimulation. The sturdy plastic is perfect for lubrication, penetration, and easy cleaning. The added perineum massaging tabs rub that oh-so-sensitive spot on the outside while the curving tip caresses his P-Spot!

3. 10 Function Self Pleasing P

If there's one word to describe this men's toy, it's WOW! With an intense 10 functions of vibration, and a chip that remembers your favorite function you last used, the Self Pleasing P is a superior massager for men everywhere. The smooth tapered tip and pad-like penetrator rest right on the prostate for maximum pleasure.

4. Dr. Kaplan Power Probe

This handheld prostate massager boasts two strong speeds of vibration. It is nice and quiet and discreet for beginners. With it's superior seamless Silicone shaft, and pronounced p-spot tip, the 100% waterproof Dr. Joel Kaplan - Prostate Power Probe opens him up to pleasure like he's never had before.
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5. Tantus Pro Touch

Shaped like the perfect curling finger, the Tantus Pro Touch is made from a super smooth Silicone that makes it easy to insert and easy to clean! For added sensation, turn on the included bullet and feels the vibes radiate through the flexible shaft and teasing of this toy! Double your sexual stimulation, this toy can also double as a G-Spot massager for the ladies.

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