5 Male Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Male toys aren’t just for solo play! Sex toys for men can be used with a partner to enhance sexual performance, boost pleasure, and add a little variety to the bedroom! Both you and your lover can benefit from using these toys together. Here are 5 male toys I recommend you use with her and why!

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Glow-In-The-Dark Vibrating Super Head Honcho

With intense multi-speed vibrations, 3 textured chambers, and a seductively soft material, the Vibrating Super Head Honcho is perfect for spicing up your sex life! Your partner can use this on you for the most satisfying hand job during foreplay. It's easier for her, and more exciting for you! It glows in the dark, so you can still see what's going on when the lights go out. The multi-speed bullet vibrator will heighten your pleasure, but you can remove it from the sleeve and use it on her!

Diving Dolphin Cock Ring 

Both you and her benefit from wearing a cock ring! This Diving Dolphin Cock Ring is flexible and elastic to fit snugly around you, helping you achieve a harder erection. It can also help you last longer in bed! But it doesn't end there. This cock ring comes with two removable, multi-speed bullets! These bullets stimulate the clitoris, testicles, and perineum to give you both the explosive sex you desire. It's even waterproof for wet and wild fun!

VX4 Vibrating Penis Pump Kit

This male sex toy doubles as a penis pump and a masturbator! The Vibrating Penis Pump Kit helps you achieve harder, thicker erections for more satisfying lovemaking. The suction chamber is clear, allowing you and your partner to watch as your member swells to a larger size! The supple pussy sleeve heightens your pleasure as well as creates a tight seal around your dick to ensure you get the most out of the pump. It's a sexy way to kick off your evening!
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El Toro Enhancer

Feel thicker and increase your sexual stamina with the El Toro Cock Sleeve Enhancer! The textured sleeve slides right over your cock, effectively adding girth, texture, and vibrations! The bull ticklers and vibrator stimulate her clit to help her reach her peak. This intercourse stimulator will help delay ejaculation so you can spend more time pleasing her! It's a great way to enhance your sex life!

Prostate Massager

This P-spot toy is definitely more for you than her, but it can still spice things up for the both of you! The Prostate Massager helps enhance your pleasure and amplify your orgasms. The curved arms on this probe stimulate your taint and balls for even more satisfying sensations. Your partner will love seeing you experience more powerful climaxes through male G-spot stimulation. It is a lusty thrill for the both of you! Have you never used a prostate toy before? Don't worry - this one is great for beginners!

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