5 Best Sex Toys For Men

1. The Tube

The Tube is the men's stroker that truthfully looks nothing like a sex toy. You can leave this out, and not a single person will suspect what it is used for behind the scenes! However, you will enjoy the tight tunnel to massage your member to orgasm!

2. Stamina Trainer Penis Tip Massager

Extend your stamina with this penis tip massager. You get the ultimate feelings of tingles to the tip of your cock, while strengthening your erection to go long and hard in the bedroom to please your partner!

3. Double Delight Masturbator

Dual ended to give him the option of oral, or intercourse penetration. The inner tunnel of the Double Delight is jam packed with G-spot like ridges and ripples to simulate the real feeling of a vagina, or a deep throat. Use with some lubricant, and you will slide right into her luscious holes!

4. Blowjob Masturbator

Much like the Double Delight, but the Blowjob masturbator is the entire lower part of a face. You will instantly feel like you're receiving an actual blowjob, given the realistic mouth, tongue and even dare I say it... teeth! No fear though because they're soft plastic and won't actually bite ya.

5. The Mini Gripper Male Stroker

Grip it and stroke it with the Mini Gripper sleeve. This stroker may not look like much, but it has the tightness and suction to blow you away. Use to add sensation to your next solo play and discover the intense pleasure you've been waiting for.

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