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Gyrating Tongue Vibe

The world of vibrators has come a long, long way since the standard, simple vibrator. Now there are a plethora of realistic penis dildos and vibrators that can almost fool you into thinking there is a real man inside you. With soft, supple realskin, textured shafts that include protruding veins, and attached balls the only thing missing on these gems is the man attached. Some even vibrate - yes, I know, real men don’t vibrate, but you know what, if they could, they would! Still the closest to the real deal – AND most have a suction cup so you can “him” just like a real man. Just stick it and get on!

Recommended Product: Cinnamon PleasureSkin Dildo

If you love the sensations of your vibrator, but still want the realistic feel of a dildo, then a vibrating dildo is a wise choice. These types of toys combine the best parts of our favorite sex toys into one intense experience.

Recommended Product: All American 5" Vibrating Dildo

If you want to make a substantial investment in your masturbation time, you could get not only the penis but the torso too:

Recommended Product: Rough Rider Pleasure Doll

A huge erogenous zone for most women is the lovely nipples. Whether they are being gently sucked, pulled or even twisted – nipple play is a very effective warm up for many women. While women can (and do) pull and twist their own nipples and some can even suck their own, the truth is using a special toy to provide the stimulation is twice the fun.

Recommended Product: Vibrating Triple Super Suck-Hers

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