10 Thoughts She Has During Anal Sex

Anal sex is quickly becoming a more regular part of many couple’s sex lives. While it is not quite standard, meaning many couples still do not engage in it, those who do are finding it a very enjoyable part of their sexual experiences. Be this as it may, for many women anal sex isn’t all fun and games the entire time and may take a little getting used to. So, if you ever wondered exactly what she is thinking during anal sex (and believe me, she has many thoughts) here are just 10.

1. "STOP – Wait - Go Slow!"

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Even with the most careful partner, anal sex can be mildly uncomfortable during the insertion stage. So, even if she may not verbalize this (and, if there is any discomfort she SHOULD verbalize this) she may be thinking, “Stop…wait…go slow…” because she is experiencing a little pain. If she is not saying it out loud, pay attention to her body language and anticipate this need.

2. "Uh, That Hurts."

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Sometimes no matter what there may be a little bit of pain. Hopefully, if there is too much pain she will ask you to stop. Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable, but there can be some intermittent discomfort on and off during the act. So, at times, she may think, “whoa, that hurts a bit.”
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3. "More Lube Please"

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What makes anal sex much more pleasurable is when there is little discomfort. What aids in this is an ample amount of anal lubrication. Hopefully, if she is desiring more lube she will say so – as she will be able to feel the drag that happens when lube is lacking. However, if she is not verbal she may be wishing there was more lube.

4. "This Makes Me Feel So Dirty!" (IN A GOOD WAY!)

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Anal sex is still a bit taboo, and as such doing this act can make her feel like a dirty girl and can be very erotic and sexually arousing! Engaging in acts which are not the norm can and are very exciting and she may be thinking about just how erotic that is.

5. "That Feels So Good"

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It stands to reason that people do not engage in activities that do not feel good. Anal sex DOES feel good. In fact, it can feel more intense than any other type of sexual contact. The pleasure-pain mixture is something that many women find more than sexually pleasing. So, she may (and hopefully IS) thinking about how amazing it feels.

6. "Please Rub My Clit"

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For many women, the most intense orgasm that occur during anal penetration happen when there is a combination of anal penetration and clitoral stimulation. While she can most likely stimulate her own clitoris, she may be wishing you would bend down there and do it.

7. "Please Hurry Up!"

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Sometimes, if it takes a while for him to climax she may be wishing he would hurry up and finish. Especially if the lubricant is wearing out. This is a huge factor in maintaining the pleasurable feeling for her. She may not want to stop you before you finish, so she silently hopes you will hurry up!

8. "F Me Harder!!" 

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Once insertion has happened in full she may be really craving harder movements. The delicate part of anal is getting the penis inserted smoothly, with the proper amount of lubrication of course, and after that she is ready for some more aggressive penetration.
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9. "Smack My Ass"

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One of the standard things about anal sex is that it is often done while in a hands-and-knees doggy style position. This places her ass in prime spanking position. For many women, the act of having their hips grabbed or ass slapped is extremely arousing. If you know she likes this, you can bet she is thinking, “Just slap my ass already!”

10. "Please Don't Let Me Poop On Him.." 

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It is a legitimate concern during anal sex that some poop may get on his penis. Trust me, he is fully willing to take this risk! However, many women may be horrified at the thought of this occurring. So, they may be silently praying to the anal sex gods or goddesses that this does not happen as it would be mortifying, right?

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