What's The Big Deal About Anal Sex

Just the simple mention of ANAL SEX provokes a varied and mixed response from "Oh yes please" to "Never in a million years". Although to many it is still seen as a sexual act only for gays, or to avoid menstrual bleeding or unwanted pregnancy, recent worldwide surveys have proven otherwise. In fact new evidence shows that almost 50% of hetro-sexual couples now participate in anal sex, simply because they enjoy it.

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Firstly and most importantly all participants must be consenting. Secondly it goes with out saying that as with all methods of sexual penetration it is important to use the necessary protection. There is however a misconception that anal sex causes aids and other sexually transmitted diseases Woman's Butt(S.T.D.) This is not true, if both partners have no viruses then none will be transmitted from participating in anal sex. However if one of the partners does have a S.T.D. then the chances are that the virus will be transmitted much quicker via the anal passage than that of the vaginal passage. Doctors believe this is probably due to the fact that the rectal tissues are torn more easily than vaginal tissues allowing viruses to penetrate much faster.
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Take Your Time

Take it slow, especially the first time. Don't just go at it like a bull in a china shop. Work you partner up slowly first by stimulating the anal area during oral sex or by lightly massaging with your finger, to see how your partner reacts. If the response is positive then you are ready to indulge. Make sure that your hands are clean and you nails short with no rough edges. The anal passageway is much more delicate than that of the vaginal passageway, so it is extremely important to take great care when first penetrating. You will need to lubricate your finger well, before penetration and take it slow. Remember: lubrication is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! Always use TONS of lubrication! Ease your finger in gently and at all times make sure that your partner is happy with what you are doing. Then when you both feel ready, insert the head of the penis, waiting for a moment or two before entering the rest of the shaft. At this point if the woman bears down lightly, this will open the anal passage allowing easier access. Also clitoris stimulation may help to relax your partner as well as enhance her pleasure. Then long slow thrusts can be taken and speeded up, as you both become more comfortable and confident.

Keep In Mind

There are just one or two things to remember when taking part in anal sex. Hygiene is very important. Taking your finger or penis out from the anus and placing it into the vagina without first washing is not a good idea. Also, anal sex is different from vaginal sex, as it is much tighter for him and also smoother, as the vagina has ridges and the anal passage does not. Also, as said before, you must ALWAYS use PLENTY of lubrication! This cannot be stressed enough! It will NOT be enjoyable for your partner unless you make sure things are nice and slippery. The anal cavity is NOT self-lubricating unlike the vagina, so you have to make sure you're providing enough lube manually. The main thing to remember though is that it should be a thing of pleasure and for many it is. It may take a while to get used to, but then doesn't everything, so enjoy, have fun, and try it. You might even like it better than vaginal or oral!
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