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VIDEO- Our 5 Best Waterproof Sex Toys!

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info

Watch as Angela shows you's top 5 waterproof toys! 

After you watch, answer this question in our comment section below: "Where is your go-to place to use your favorite waterproof toy?"

#1. Silver Bullet

This small, powerful clit massager is exactly what you need to reach your peak faster and easier! And don't forget this lil' guy is waterproof so you can bring him along anywhere you may be. Check this bullet out- click here!

#2. Sorority Party Vibe

This waterproof vibe is perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a sleek and simple vibe. The silky smooth slim shape glides over skin to reach all of your sweet spots, and the powerful vibrations feel great on your clit or your G-Spot! Check this vibrator out- click here!

#3. Bunny Love Cock Ring

This Bunny Love Cockring will give you both the love and satisfaction that you desire! It is made with a jelly material and the powerful bullet will stimulate your cock and your partner's pleasurable areas! Check this amazing cock ring out- click here!

#4. Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

The Butterfly Kiss Vibe is the perfect vibrator for beginners and is one of our best selling vibrators on This vibe offers amazing stimulation to both your clit and your G-Spot! Check this perfect beginner's toy- click here!

#5. Bath Time Bunny

The world famous "Rabbit" vibrator is now ready for the water! Turn it's multi-speed dial that controls the vibrations of the toy, you will quickly see why it is a favorite here! Check out this awesome rabbit vibrator- click here!

"Where is your go-to place to use your favorite waterproof toy?" 


Date 6/13/2018
TEST - Bethany TEST
SHOWER!! But I'll probably explore more this summer.
Date 6/13/2018
TooTimid Angela
Does anyone reading this right now own any of these? I'm curious to see! The strongest is definitely the bath time bunny at the end (search TC738 on tootimid!) but my FAVORITE is the Butterfly Kiss (search SE0782 on tootimid!) It's the blue one I pull out at 00:56 in the video. I have it in purple silicone! -Angela
Date 6/13/2018
Definitely the shower.
Date 6/15/2018
TooTimid Angela
I understand that everyone says pool or bath, but honestly I feel the best place is just in the shower while the water is running! Maybe I'm just not big on masturbating while I'm completely submersed in water?? -Angela
Date 6/16/2018
Its definitely sitting in a bath tub while the shower is running. This way I'm not completely submerged in water.
Date 6/16/2018
I really just need one of these so I can start my bathtime fun.
Date 6/16/2018
So far I haven`t used my waterproof vibrator in the water, but I do love that it makes for very easy washing without worrying about getting the battery compartment wet. I just may consider an under/in water usage at some point.
Date 6/16/2018
I have the little silver bullet. It turned on twice and never worked again. I never got to use it. So bummed. I don't think it is waterproof though.
Date 6/16/2018
Shower is our favorite spot. Sometimes I smuggle one in and surprise my lady!!
Date 6/16/2018
I can't relax enough in the bath and I'm afraid of slipping in the shower- so I use my favorite and waterproof vibe in bed.
Date 6/16/2018
Michelle Myers
Bunnies are always good
Date 6/16/2018
Jennifer Hickman
I have bath time bunny I used it everywhere I go even swimming.
Date 6/16/2018
Serena Lee
Might be interested in trying the butterfly kiss!
Date 6/17/2018
Nastassjia Packer
My favorite spot to to use my water proof vibe is in the warm shower and sitting in warm tub relax and have a good orgasm
Date 6/19/2018
Melani Altom
I prefer the rain! Amazing orgasms everytime! There's nothing like being all hot and heavy and feeling nice cool drops of rain falling all over your body add the scent of the great outdoors and it's a perfect situation! Considering it's not always possible to be in the rain a nice cool shower is second best!
Date 6/22/2018
Elise TooTimid
@Angela- We are so sorry to hear that your silver bullet has stopped working! Our customer service ladies are happy and willing to help you with this problem :) If you want to speak to them you can reach our customer service desk by email or by phone (888) 660-8970. They will be able to help with anything you need!
Date 6/30/2018
Penny Tate
I need something that’s really stimulates my clit and g-spot. I’m older and doesn’t work as well as the younger generation. Your suggestions would be great! ?? Any ideas Angela.
Date 7/3/2018
I like to take our Bunny Love Cock Ring into the shower with me. I put it around two fingers and thrust in and out while the Bunny flicks my clit... Amazing, it's a gotta try kind of experience that will make you big "O" everytime;-)
Date 7/29/2018
Anybody ever been to a float center? Like in the movie "Altered States", but without the drugs LOL! Epsom salt dissolved in the water to the saturation point makes you more floaty than in the ocean, the water is body-temperature, and you can leave a low romantic light on or go totally dark. the place my wife and I have been to twice has 2 rooms that a couple can use together and 3 or 4 others for solo guests. I can't help but get incredibly turned on in that dark, wet, slippery environment. I'm hoping I can convince the mrs to try a waterproof toy next time we float together. Hell, I might even try one myself!

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