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Basics of Sex Lubricants

Posted by Mikayla to Info on Sex Toys
Lube, shlmube. I know, ‘I self lubricate, why do I need lube?’ Well honey, we ALL need lube. Lubrication is very important for intercourse, toy play AND most especially, anal play. Artificial lubricants are truly your friend and there is no shame in using them. Many women are under the misconception that if they need to use a little lube that they are not aroused enough or that something is wrong. Similarly, many men have that same thought, ‘she must not be aroused with me, she isn’t wet enough.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, while there may be many times that you won’t need any lubrication, there are times when lube is not only a must, but is also beneficial and can make sex so much better!

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SLIDING INTO HOME: OK gals, so if you are like me, you produce a fair amount of natural lubricant. With proper foreplay, lubrication for intercourse has never been an issue. OK, well, right after pregnancy it was. See, there are always times in any woman’s life when lubrication doesn’t come as easily (yes, I know, pun intended). This could be due to anything from hormonal changes / imbalances, to menopause, to lack of arousal, to pre or post childbirth. The fact is, every woman will experience this. It is natural. So, what do you do when you notice yourself drying up a bit? Turn to a simple lubricant.

THE WETTER THE BETTER: My suggestion for standard use during intercourse is a water-based lube. Water based lubes are easy to use, non-sticky, non-staining and are great for quick sessions (meaning, not your 4 hour masturbation-a-thon). They can be reapplied as much as necessary. They can also be used with toy for solo time. Some great water-based lubes are KY Natural Feeling Liquid or TooTimid Pleasure Gel or even the ever popular Astroglide. Whichever one you choose, using a little lube when needed will make your intimate moments much more enjoyable. Just remember, lube is an aid and it is not something to be ashamed of using.

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REAR ENTRY: I have stressed in many of my articles over the years just how utterly important lubricant is when you play anally. The rectal canal does NOT self-lubricate. Furthermore, the tender lining of the rectal canal can rip and tear. Lubrication for anal play (for all sexes and with all methods – toys, fingers, penis) is absolutely necessary. There are no ifs, ands nor BUTTS about it, lube it up to play anally. Now, for anal play I always recommend a silicone based lubricant. They are generally thicker, longer lasting and provide a sensual feeling. Keep in mind, IF you are playing with toys, you can NOT use a silicone lubricant with a silicone toy. Now, for all other methods of play, I can highly suggest the following silicone-based lubes. Eros Original Body Glide is a great silicone lubricant, as is Swiss Navy Premium Silicone Lubricant is one that I absolutely love. However, any of the silicone lubes will add so much to your anal exploration.

SOLO MISSION: Now, maybe one of the most obvious times that you will need lubrication is during solo play. This goes for women AND men. Since you are not getting that extra stimulation from playing with a partner, you may need a little help. Not to mention, especially for women, toy play works better with lube. So, keeping in mind the silicone toy rule (no silicone lubes) you should be able to pick a great lube for the purpose. For men, any water-based lubricant, such as Astroglide can be a great choice. For basic toy play, I would go with something like ID Glide just to put a little slippery into your solo stim.

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A SLIPPERY SOLUTION: The fact is, lubes are a must have for all types of sexual play. There is no reason to be ashamed to use them, and in fact, dabbing a little lube down low before play may even change the sensation for your partner in a very enjoyable way. Experiment with numbing, warming or cooling gels. Perhaps try an edible lube or an oral sex lube. Whichever you try for whatever purpose, always remember to LUBE IT UP before you put it in!

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