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You CAN Have a G-Spot Orgasm

Posted by TooTimid Staff to Women's Issues
How To Have A GSpot OrgasmUse A G-Spot Vibe To Have An Explosive G-Spot Orgasm!

Where is it?  Everyone makes it sound so simple, right?  Curve your fingers into a “C” and there it is!  Bingo!  Well, if it is so easy, why am I still unable to locate it?  What does a G-Spot Orgasm feel like?  Am I even able to have one?  I am here to help you re-discover yourself so let’s get started.

I found that a great way to start is by looking at a map of a woman’s anatomy. Okay, the first and most important step to re-discovering yourself is to 
RELAX.  Relax-what does this really mean?  Clear your mind and concentrate on your own pleasure.  Don’t worry about kids, groceries, appointments, work, or whatever else you find crossing your mind frequently.  (Like, did I really eat all of those chips today?)  None of that matters right now.  It is only you and your body.

If you are with your partner, foreplay is absolutely essential right now.  Not half-assed foreplay either.  Just enjoy each other.  Don’t worry about the time, don’t worry about if the neighbors can hear.  You can also “get in the mood” by doing breathing exercises or putting on a naughty DVD…This can be very fun to watch together.

Okay, you’re revved up now let’s start your journey.  Yes, you or your partner can curve your fingers into a “C” to try to find it.  It really is right near the opening of a woman’s vaginal wall.  I believe a lot of people think the deeper you go, the more you will be able to hit this spot.  Which I don’t believe is true.  Yes, your man or your toy can go deeper and rub up against this area during every stroke, but one of the keys to have a real g-spot orgasm is constant direct contact.

Female Anatomy Why Is The G-Spot So Controversial?

The g-spot is about the size of a quarter and feels spongy.  You know if you are touching it once you feel sensitivity (The woman, that is.)  If you are doing this with your woman, communicate with each other and ask her.  Let him know what you feel.  It can be an experience that can bring the two of you even closer together.  Be patient with yourself and each other.  This can take time.

Sometimes the sensitivity can feel uncomfortable to some women.  This is normal.  Try different pressures or movements.  You can also massage or push down against the area where your pubic hair is located while you’re rubbing the G-Spot.  This helps to increase the stimulation of the g-spot.

Once you have discovered this magnificent little sponge, the next step is to move your fingers in a “Come here” (no pun intended) motion.  Keep doing this motion and keep rubbing the G-Spot.  When it is constantly being rubbed it fills with fluid.  Be persistent and don’t give up.  Concentrate on your pleasure.  You can rub your clit but do not cause yourself to have a clitoral orgasm.  You are trying to experience something new.  Once you get closer to your orgasm your muscles will start to tighten and almost push your fingers (or your toy out) do not stop as this is a great sign!  You will know once you have experienced the orgasm once you excrete liquid.  This is also known as “squirting.”  There is a lot of fluid, but you are not peeing yourself, you are just experiencing one of the greatest gifts of being a woman.  The G Spot Orgasm.

Keep in mind it is common to be unsuccessful at first.  Don’t give up.  There is nothing wrong with you.  I rarely hear of anyone being successful at their first try.  It can take most woman months or even years to have their first.  Enjoy discovering yourself, have fun and be patient.

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Date 7/2/2013
Bec n dave 07
My man and I tried for the first time 3 nights ago and I experienced the g spot orgasm it was an experience ill never forget! It ran through my whole body like nothing I've had befor it too a while to get it but I finally got there my man's hands were sore after all the hard work he put in god love him.... It's a lot easier and is quicker once he now knows how to hit it the key is a lot of foreplay ladies like a lot try to bring urself close to orgasm through the clit that will make it easier to
Date 7/30/2014
So glad I came across this website, it has such good info. Some people kept trying to tell me the g spot was a myth, now I know it does exist. Still have yet to have a g spot orgasm though because I just get so impatient! Maybe a dual action vibe will help fix that issue.

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