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Posted by Randa to General / Misc Info
The TooTimid gang recently went to a little farm in New Hampshire for a horseback-riding adventure!  We have a few skilled horseback riders among us (Cheyenne), but overall, everyone did an impressive job.  Plus, this farm has a zoo filled with adorable animals that love to get treats from the visitors.  Indubitably, the most beloved of the animals were the baby goats.  If you are unconvinced of our intense love for baby goats, Cheyenne swooned over them and Jacqui attempted to abduct one.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning to go for a ride.  Lindsay had spent time on a farm in her childhood, so she got to re-connect with her southern roots!  Thanks to her farm-girl experience, she was able to teach Angela about cow tongues, which happen to be purple!


Maddi looked like so graceful getting on and off her horse.  This is probably because she developed swan-like grace from years of ballet.  The rest of us had to just lurch over the side of the horse and pray the ground was soft.

Although this was Angela’s first time on a horse, Cheyenne, our experienced horseback rider, says she was a natural.  Atop that brazen stallion, she appeared to be a seasoned rider.


Not all the horses were in the mood for giving rides.  Emily’s horse was particularly defiant and Andrea’s horse was too hungry and lazy to move any faster than a steady snail pace.


We all looked so sporty in the super stylish protective headgear.

While we were desperately trying to keep clean, Jacqui and her WHITE SHIRT were spotless the entire time!  Just look at that shine!


We all enjoyed delicious Subway sandwiches, lemonade, iced tea, and chips for lunch.  A perfect day.  Just look how happy this horse is!



Date 7/3/2015
With the ladies on board I have to say "lucky horse!"

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