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5 Reasons To Suck On Her Clit

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues

5 Reasons To Suck On Her Clit

Aren’t all men looking for the absolute best ways to give their lover pleasure? Don't all men know that oral sex is one of the best, if not THE best, ways to do this? Furthermore, is it not obvious that the clitoris is the epicenter of pleasure for a woman? OK, so if you know all this then you know why you should not only lick her clit but SUCK on it, right? No? Well read on my friend, read on…

Sexy couple foreplay sex
As a woman I can vouch for all women when I say: having your clit sucked on feels AMAZING! While all women like different pressure when it comes to any clitoral stimulation, the simple act of sucking on the clitoris (whether lightly or with more pressure) feels so good! Especially if he uses the “suck and release” method of clitoral sucking, since the build-up is fairly intense. No doubt about it, it just feels damn good!

Female orgasm oral sex
The clitoris is like a little penis with all of its nerve endings piled in to this teeny, tiny area. When it is stimulated (via tongue, fingers, toys, rubbing) blood rushes to it and the clitoris becomes engorged and very sensitive. When you suck on the clit (as opposed to just licking) it speeds up the engorgement quite a bit and causes the clit to become more sensitive more quickly.

Best Oral Sex Tricks To Try On Her- Click Here!

Intimate couple oral sex
Variety in oral sex is really important! When you use different techniques, pressures, methods – it will overall increase her pleasure. Adding in sucking to the mix is a sure-fire way to get her writhing beneath you and begging for more! Especially if you are usually a “licker” this will change up the sensations quite a bit and ultimately feel more intense for her!

Woman orgasm sex
While a light touch on her clit can definitely bring her pleasure and wind her up, sucking, hard, on her clit is more likely to elicit an orgasm! While simply sucking is not a guarantee for orgasm, it is a trick that most men report as being very successful! Since we know that every man wants to give his woman orgasm after orgasm – sucking may be the way to go about this more quickly.

Lovers oral sex
Not every woman reacts to general clitoral stimulations (oral, fingers, toys) the same and some even have some difficulty achieving orgasm through oral stimulation. Clitoral sucking can sometimes help a woman to achieve orgasm if she usually experiences more difficulty with climax. The direct stimulation combined with the clitoral engorgement and the variety in sensation that can’t be replicated in any other way makes clitoral sucking extremely effective for inducing orgasm in “hard to orgasm” women. So, if you or your partner are getting a bit frustrated, why not take a different approach and give her clit a suck!

Now that you've learned the top reasons to suck on her clit and some special tips on how to suck on her clit, go please your woman! And one last tip for those of you with female partners . . . get her a new toy!! This will be a lovely surprise for her. Not only does it show you're thinking about her but if you get her one of our best clit sucking toys she can still get those amazing oral sensations if you're away on a trip. Or, if you enjoy being in control you can use the toy on her and watch as she enjoys the sensations. It's a win-win situation.

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How Often Do You Have Oral Sex?
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Date 4/23/2016
I love going down on my wife of 48 yrs but she cant understand y I love to so ihardly get to doso
Date 4/30/2016
I'm 67 yr old and have problems maintaining and erection. So, I depend on oral sex to stimulate my wife. I love going down on her and feeling her excitement rise really gives me pleasure. I have sort of become and expert at oral sex. Because of my problems, I love finding new ways to make her orgasm and orgasm and orgasm.
Date 5/8/2016
I love it! My wife is not so into it. Last time was in 2014. Kinda sad I miss it.
Date 7/1/2016
Its fairly common with me and hubs. We have sex at least once daily and most Days we do some type of oral. And a few times a week it involes some type of oral-anal play.
Date 7/6/2016
jeffrey garrett
I love licking and sucking on my wife's pussy and she also enjoys it very much we enjoy our sex life and your toys make it interesting
Date 10/1/2016
I love my man to suck my pussy, when I go to work, I can still feel hIm sucking me....
Date 11/12/2016
Ruby Morgan
My husband loves sucking me and is really great at making me cum and squirt in his mouth. I then reward him with what he likes best fucking me Doggie Style.
Date 3/2/2017
It is essential to give a woman the most enjoyable sexual experience. Every woman I have ever had the pleasure, to pleasure, has ever complained about oral. The one complaint is why don't all men do it?
Date 5/24/2017
I love sucking on the clit, gives me more pleasure to get my wife off one -three times before I get started
Date 8/1/2017
Best feeling ever no words to describe how it makes my body tremble all over...
Date 8/5/2017
Pat Mann
My husband died 18 months ago and I really miss sex in general and oral specifically. My husband always gave me a good lickin' and sucking to get started and while I love and crave it, I still don't understand what is so great about it for him. But he said he absolutely loved it when I climaxed so hard that I squirted all over his face and in his mouth. I'm 72 and I'm afraid most men in my age group won't be able to "deliver".
Date 8/16/2017
My husband enjoys it so much that over the last 20 years he does it to comfort himself after a hard day at work for about 20 min prior to making love to me or in the middle of the night when he needs nurturing and I am asleep...He will slip under the covers, open my legs and begin to nurse at my clit until he falls asleep or until he wants to enjoy something else. We both find it very stimulatingly pleasurable, and it takes all I have to lay still while he gently sucks me for long periods of time. I don't climax...But I get a great nurturing pleasure when he does it. We enjoy it about 2-3 times per day. We both work out of the home - so there is constant access to each other any time of the day or night
Date 9/2/2017
i'm not married yet but all the women i dated loved & craved me going down on them. Most of them climaxed & they enjoyed. And i love to go down on my woman too. It gives me satisfaction to see my woman achieve orgasm.
Date 9/15/2017
I'm 70 and a widower. My wife never cared for cunnilingus throughout our 45 years of marriage. I have always been interested in oral sex and have done a lot of reading on techniques , over the years , but was never able to apply my knowledge. I have ED so my sexual activity now is solely based on stimulating my partner orally. When I met my lover a few months ago we ended up in bed the first night. She is a widower who had never had oral. Her husband wasn't interested. Although a novice that first night , I went down on her .........out of necessity. She loved it !! Now she can't get enough. She's become multi-orgasmic . I use various techniques. She loves for me to suck her clit , as well as go round and round it with my tongue, and also flick it with my tongue. She's 66 and it's amazing what two " old goats " can do in bed. I'm having the best sex of my life thanks to oral.
Date 10/21/2017
All these older people talking about sex, I love it! Enjoy your life
Date 10/26/2017
I am 60 years old widow. I meet several men in my age group or older on Craiglist who wanted to eat pussy. That's all they want to do. I am going to give them all a try. I will see who is the best. I am in a relatonship hardly have penetration he does not eat pussy but enjoys getting his dick sucked. I stopped fucking and sucking him. I am going for the eating out as the main attraction. These men just want to eat and go back home to wife. I just want a well ate pussy. I will set a schedule for each one to eat until they are fulled.
Date 11/3/2017
I enjoy the taste of a woman's liquids. I love to eat a pussy like it's my last supper. Unfortunately I don't get same in return. That doesn't stop me from diving in face and tongue first below the belt at both openings??
Date 11/4/2017
Well I am in a same sex relationship so I love going doing on my wife as she does me we do every chance we get.
Date 11/5/2017
We are retired . I am 68 she is 65. We are in a relationship that is loving. Our oral sessions are so awsome and beautiful as she is. It happen 2 to 3 times a week. She Begs for oral . But she craves her Clit to be sucked on. What she likes and I love it when at the top of several orgasms. Intercourse at its the best. When I have my orgasm in her I go down on her and give her more oral . At that point she has a huge squirting orgasm. Then she is so tired that she cannot not move for an hour . Its great to be retired and have no worries about work children . Just live life to its fullest.
Date 11/14/2017
My husband loves to go down on me. I love the feeling of him sucking and lickin my clit and pussy. He awesome. My first husband never could do it right.. he would try to bite it... my second husband is awesome in the bedroom... that’s what won me over to divorce my 1st spouse
Date 11/18/2017
I love having my pussy licked and sucked, I would be happy to have it done all day, just the thought of it makes me wet.
Date 1/7/2018
Rachel Has it down,,,,,You GO GIRL,,,,,All day SESSION WORKS FOR ME *wink*
Date 1/11/2018
We have sex minimum 2X daily., he always eats my pussy, I in turn will never neglect his huge cock. Just thinking about it makes me hot and wet. Husband out of town tonight, it will be me and my buzz.. thank you for vibrators especially dual, for each hole, best feeling ever!
Date 1/18/2018
I love to get my pussy , she licked and suck breakfast, lunch, and dinner that's how much I love it.
Date 1/26/2018
My boyfriend eats my pussy quite often. I love for him to suck on my clit, stick two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass hole. I climax so fast. He sucks my cum.
Date 2/9/2018
my wife and I are 68 and she loves it when I lick her pussy. I will suck on her clit and that drives her wild. she will return the favor on me. but not until I kiss her with her pussy juice all over my face. she loves to taste her vagina.
Date 2/10/2018
I am quiet a bit younger than my husband and he due to the severe bend in his penis cant penetrate me at all because Im very tight (even oral on him is close to impossible). Ive tried every way but nothing works because though he gets hard he still cant straighten enough. I have hypersexuality and Id never cheat but I often dream of having a huge cock going in and out rubbing on the upper inner parts while another peson sucks and flicks my clit with their tongue. I also imagine either a toy or small width penis inside my anus letting me guide it to orgasm. I am at the point to where I wish my gyno would just make me cum accidentally since self stimulation works but it is not the same simply because I dont want to know how it will feel ahead of time. I want to be "greyed" (50 shades). Sucking yeh that would be great not hard just average sucking and back off to flick penile penatration stopping prior to orgasm to lick me again.
Date 2/10/2018
tracy, have a talk with your husband about the bend in his penis. this is called Peyronies Disease. it is treatable with Xiaflex injections by a urologist. I am being treated currently and my penis was bent which prevented me from penetrating my wifes vagina and oral was difficult for her to perform. But after my first injection(have to have 8 totally) my penis has straightened enough to have intercourse and made it easier for her to suck my cock. believe me it is really worth it. if you want more info please e-mail me
Date 2/15/2018
I have sex about twice a year. Sooo yeah, oral does not happen ??
Date 2/15/2018
Do not think that just because you are older or you don't think older men (70+) don't want or are not able to perform. Believe me, if you want to ejoy sex there are men out there that know how to satisfy. I'm having the best sex of my life with my 74-year-old gentleman friend. The oral sex is amazing and he said his penis gets harder than earlier in his life. You don't have to let age slow you down. Enjoy it every chance you get.
Date 2/19/2018
Lately last 6 months toma year ago at least once night try to make her orgasim before she goes to work makes for a better day for her.
Date 3/19/2018
I love getting my pussy sucked on it feels amazing. I don’t get it as often as I like . I wish I could have it multiple times a day and night I love cumming inside my fiancé’s mouth.
Date 3/22/2018
I can’t seem to stop masturbating work away and seem to get so horny while iam away ps eating pussy is the best love it I like sucking on the flaps as I slip a couple of fingers in my wife’s pussy
Date 4/1/2018
I been awful horny the last 3-4 days. I'm 65 and single. I bought a beautiful Topco or Tomco Fab Boy 6.5inch insertable Dildo with what I think is the most wonderful tight ball sack like a tennis ball. Wonderful to hold onto when jamming Mister Big in and out of my greedy ass. I'm not gay but II learned many years ago a mans prostate will give one many lovely assgasms provided one knows how to work a dildo back and forth in a mans love hole. My Mister Big I believe I bought it at TT in 2001 and it continues to give me great orgasms.
Date 4/7/2018
I was Bi b4 getting married. I taught my hubbs how to suk on my clit and now hes perfect at it. Its a blowjob for women. As much as guys want a bj i want a cs!!
Date 4/13/2018
Chris Blackwell
For me Oral sex is the natural progression of foreplay. My wife absolutely Loves it when I lick her pussy finally lick on her clit while inserting 2 or 3 fingers in her deliciously wet pussy. . I like to "lick fast and suck soft". while fucking her pussy with my hand or a toy. Varying the speed and tempo is essential to fresh and unique orgasms for her. She tells me that no two orgasms are alike. She will cum several times during this and it makes me feel so part of her ecstasy that when it is my turn to cum I literally explode like a volcano erupting shooting my Hot sweet cum everywhere all the while screaming with pleasure.
Date 4/19/2018
Wow... love some of these stories ??
Date 4/23/2018
My husband and I been married 40 years and we tried Anal sex Three years ago. Wow I love when he licks my clit. And he have me so wet from me cumming. And we have the anal sex he pentrate in and its Amazing.!!
Date 5/13/2018
I love oral sex, but my bf is not into oral. I wish I had someone to lick my pussy all day.
Date 5/25/2018
Eating my wife out is a regular part of our lovemaking. In fact, my wife is so satisfied by it that after 30 years of marriage, she really has no interest in trying something else to get her to cum.... I’d rather eat kittie for a few hours than cum myself. She stops me after three orgasms though.
Date 5/28/2018
We have oral sex 3 to 8 times a day. We both love it.
Date 5/29/2018
When I was a VERY young boy, I had this little girlfriend up on the hill. We had this small pond on the farm and she and I would go swimming naked. LOL Most times we would just lay in the weeds on a towel and talk, and touch, and..... One day I touched her pussy and she thought it felt great. Don't even know then where I got the idea, but one day I sneaked up between her legs, spreading them wider and wider. I kissed and licked all over the insides of her legs and she was really enjoying it. Finally, I made it to her pussy. (It actually smelled great).. I lay there, parting her tiny lips and just admiring it. Then I flicked that little throbbing button there at the top. She just about lost her mind.. Didn't need any coaching, I just licked it hard and sucked on her clit like crazy. I was really enjoying it. Suddenly she started bucking up and down and almost screaming. When it was over with, we both had learned what an orgasm truly was. We did that, during the summer, almost every day. Then one day she wanted me to "stick mine inside her," as she would say. That was, to me, the most wonderful feeling in the world.. Few months later her family moved to Oakland, Calif. and my heart was broken.. But thanks to her, I LOVE eating pussy, and the longer it lasts, the better....
Date 6/10/2018
Sucking my wife's clit is a big part of our sexual foreplay, I can make her cum and cum by eating her and using my fingers. I don't get the same in return but that's another story. I keep going until she begs me to fuck her hard
Date 6/28/2018
My first experience with oral sex was with a friend of my mother when I was 15. She was early 30's and nice everything! This affair lasted for over a year and she gave me quite an education ! Some say that this type of thing causes problems for the younger member but I have been secretly in love with her since. Now at 28, I fondly remember her lessons and how it has enlightened me on pleasing my wife and having a strong marriage. We are still close but never mention our past and no one but us knows that we are a special kind of friends. I am so fortunate to have her for my closest friend.
Date 7/15/2018
Im 31 ... i love oral it’s the way I achieve an orgasm. Having my clit sucked with tongue flicks while being fingered does it for me! Sadly my boyfriend is only concerned with his pleasure he neglects my needs. I tried to show him how to get me off he replied boring while half ass eating me out. I don’t want to cheat so I rely on self pleasure. Thanks for your comments helped me get my rocks off lol
Date 8/3/2018
I'm 66and fat but not happy, my wife used to love when I would eat her out but now she doesent like it because she thinks it is a lesbian thing. I told her I wish I was a lesbian. I too also have ED and she still thinks it is for Lesbians. We haven't had sex in over 4 years, I also told her I was bisexual. At least I can maybe suck a mans cock and let him cum in my mouth the way she used to when she would cum, which was every time I ate her pussy. If there is any women out there that maybe has lost her husband, I'm sorry for your loss. I would love to go down on you. I usually would give my wife multiple orgasams and she got so wet...I loved it as much as she did. She also tasted and smelled really good. Please I'm begging anyone that want's me to eat you out to get my email and get in touch with me, I live in NE Tennessee but I can drive to Western NC or SW Virginia in less than 2 hours. I will also lick your butt if you want me to and suck on your nipples and I may even take you out for lunch for doing me this favor.
Date 8/6/2018
the feeling of when your clit is bieng sucked hard and then you orgasm 9 times as he licks your clit with the lightest touch untill you squirt all over him again.
Date 8/20/2018
sexy c
Im lesbian n my friend is straight im 27 and she 48 iv always found her attractive n sexy n flirted n joked abt it but 1 nyt i dreamed i kiseed ha n i told ha the next day n we joked n laffed abt it n suddently one day having a few drinks we ended up kissing n in that moment i wanted to taste ha pussy so bad so i took ha to ha maritial bed n we just cudnt stop ourself from kissing touching exploring n then i went down on her n it was amazing she tasted so good n her moans made me nt wanna ever stop i easily got addicted to ha and i found out that her husband never pleasures her like that and altho she claims she st8 but every now and dan we hav few drinks n she lets me eat ha out sucking licking fingering but of recent she had an hestorectomy and feels awkward cos she cnt get moist n wet like she use too nor can she climax n i still crave ha i did go down on her recently and altho i knw she enjoyd it from the way ha body moved n ha pulling me deeper in but my question is does a women thats had an hysterectomy enjoy it as much as b4
Date 10/5/2018
My love tricked me! To "get me" he ate me good, licked and sucked my pussy the right way but now, although I do have clitoral and vaginal orgasms every time with traditional sex, he only gives me oral when we fight/make up. Says it's not fair I won't go down on him but I don't like it at all. But I love oral!!! I want all day pussy eating slurping sucking sessions like past lovers used to give me. But no one gives me vaginal and clitoral orgasms like he does. ..delicious lovemaking and he does suck my titties like I like it and slow anal is also great. I know he loves me how he looks out for me in other ways but I want a good pussy eating each and every time....waaaaaaa!!!
Date 11/1/2018
I'm 66 and hubs is 68. He hates licking pussy and actually says "no" when I ask him to go down on me. Conversely, I could suck cock all night but he only stays hard for about 5 minutes now so I always have to finish myself off. He's gotten lazy and disinterested as my sexual appetite has soared. I reach for my vibrator at least twice a day. I miss that one old bf who was great in the sack but nothing else. I won't cheat, but thoughts of those passionate nights sometimes just push me over the edge. Sigh...
Date 12/3/2018
Theodore Brady I'm
I'm an 80 years young medium sized man
Date 12/3/2018
Theodore Brady I'm
I'm an 80 years young medium sized man
Date 12/8/2018
Date 12/21/2018
I am so thrilled to read all the comments from men and women over 60, 70, & even 80 talking about their exciting and robust sex lives! One of my biggest fears, no, it IS my biggest fear of aging is my husband losing his ability. It's a great comfort and gives me much needed faith and optimism for our sexual future. We're only mid 30's but we both took a medication that killed our drive and caused a 3 year 100% sexless & even masturbationless marriage for us. Then 2 years ago my friend died and we realized we were wasting beautiful years together, the last traces of youth were wasted. I immediately became insatiable! I was joking with hubby all the time he didn't have a 32 year old wife, he had two 16 year old girls trapped in his wife's body! I know they say women have their sexual peak in mid to late 30's and I believe it now. The 1st 2 months after we started having sex again he was all about it, then one day he just didn't care anymore.....again, except we aren't on that medication anymore so I don't get it. I tell him he can have no strings, no reciprocation Bjs ANYTIME he wants, day or night, home, car, you name it. In 2 years he's taken me up on it 3 times. I know they say being more sexual can stimulate your drive, so I figured if I could get him to let me give him head often, it might make him want to be with me the way I so desperately want to be with him. It's ironic, I'm a sex & Intimacy relationship coach, but it's always easier to have clarity about someone else's situation but not your own. Too close and invested in the outcome, I Think. He goes down on me pretty much every time we have fun, I have no complaints, when he does want it, he satisfies me completely. Strange thing happened after that 3 years of no sex. I had never ever had a vaginal orgasm from P in the V sex, figured I never ever would, but the 2nd time we had sex after restarting I started getting this strange feeling in my solar plexus, it was like strong energy just pouring, shooting out of that spot and then BOOM! OH MY GOD IS THAT WHAT I'VE BEEN MISSING???!!! I never thought maybe when I got older I'd suddenly be able to orgasm from regular intercourse. It's been amazing, having such new experiences at 32, 33. I was NOT expecting that. Ladies, if you want oral but don't reciprocate, I might make a suggestion of switching your mind state about it. If you need certain requirements to be met like a shower right before or pineapple juice to be consumed regularly to make his "shooty shoot taste like fruity fruit" (lol) then so be it, I bet he will happily oblige if it gets him head more often! Look at it as an incredible power you have. I have been told many times, both by my hubby and by men before him that I gave them the best head they've ever had. I truly, truly enjoy & absolutely love doing it, and it shows in my enthusiasm and technique. I will stick a finger towards my gag reflex 1st because that gets the good spit flowing, not the watery kind, more....slippery? I guess, for lack of a better descriptive word. After I start, I use my hand, sometimes both (I'm a lucky, lucky gal, my husband is blessed enough so that I can fit both hands end over end AND my mouth at the head!) I spit that good, slippery spit all over my hands and really put my all into it. Or as my husband tells me, "Do it like you're mad at it!" LMAO.... Anyways, a man becomes a quivering, moaning, mess, putty in your hands when you do it like that. It's hard not to feel powerful and like a bad ass sexual goddess at times like that. That feeling alone makes it addicting! Plus most men dont last long from such intense, amazing stimulation, so you likely wont be doing it longer than a minute or 2....Knowing you can reduce a masculine man that is usually so stoic and composed to a shaking, quivering spasming mess is so satisfying and confidence boosting. Not to mention a huge turn on! By the time I'm finished, I'm so ready for all he's willing to give me that I'm soaking wet and he hasn't even touched me yet! Seriously ladies, try looking at it from a different perspective, do it out of love and a genuine want to please him in ways that only you are allowed, especially if you're married. If he's a good man, he will be honoring the vows you took and he'll respect that you are the only one that can give him this amazing pleasure & he will likely be so shocked of your change of heart about it, you'll see the benefits of his gratitude in other areas of the relationship, but also he should reciprocate the favor! (At the very least) If all else fails, I recommend the suction, oral sex simulator toys called the womanizer (terrible name, I know) & a stronger one, the Lelo Sona Cruise. I think they're both necessary, I don't know what I'd do without them. I've never had toys that could get me off in 30 seconds flat. I usually edge it out longer than that because it just feels so damn good I want it to last as long as possible, but their very effective toys. Sorry this was so long, I'm a sex & intimacy relationship coach & it is showing right now. I'm just passionate about helping people achieve the highest satisfaction both physical, emotional and high levels of intimacy most women only dream of. It doesn't have have to be a fantasy though, it's entirely possible to have the marriage or ltr you've always dreamed of and keep the passion and excitement alive well beyond the initial courtship/honeymoon phase.
Date 3/9/2019
Hello, I'm 64 years young, I have worked on different techniques to make oral for my lady more enjoyable. It starts with some light licking and sucking with a tug and then let go, to stimulate, excite and awaken the senses. Then it moves to pressure with my lips, while there is pressure I lick and suck at the same time. This creates a great deal of pleasure. As the clitoris stiffens and engorged and the labia and opening get wet, I sometimes hum to vibrate my lips to increase the pleasure. The longer I do this continuing to increase lip pressure and sucking and licking to heighten the pleasure. Until the ultimate goal is achieved. Her receiving orgasm.
Date 3/11/2019
I really love getting my clit sucked on, and I love to suck dick. Ive always enjoyed giving my husband head, it was to the point he never had to ask me to do that for him cause I always wanted to do that for him, and made sure he was taken care of, I love his cum. Now he has ED, we hardly have intercourse, but I still give him head, not as much but I do, I do it knowing I won't get nothing in return, he says he wants me and he's attracted to me, but he rarely initiates sex with me, I have to ask him to eat me out and he still rarely does it, he looks at porn more then wanting me or looking at me, he doesn't show me any affection or want or desire, but gets mad because Im not ok with him watching porn because it helps him deal with things. I should excuse it. Hey, I would be more then happy to if he would eat me on a regular basis.
Date 5/1/2019
I lam 42 I live licking and sucking my wife's clit. She cums 6 or 7 times

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