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5 Things Sex Toys Have Taught Me About Life

Posted by Ashley to General / Misc Info
5 Things You Learn From Using Sex Toys

Exploring the world of sex toys can be a fun adventure!  It’s important to be open to new experiences, because we can learn some great things.  Here are five of my reflections on what I've learned from using sex toys.

Keep An Open Mind
Open Minded
If you never try, you’ll never know, right?  Sex toys fulfill a multitude of desires.  You only live once, why go through it all without figuring out what you love?  You’ll never really know how you’ll react to bondage until you give it a chance!

Don’t Give Up The Dream
Jess Dreams
Fantasies are a part of what accelerates our sexual desires.  Even if all the equipment is there, without a dream, sometimes orgasm just doesn’t happen!  There’s nothing wrong with imagining your tonguelike vibrator is actually the tongue of someone who turns you on.  That’s the whole point!  Keep up the dream.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

It’s personal preference, but, sometimes we think splurging for something bigger, or fancier, will be better.  I am a big fan of “life’s simple pleasures”, and sometimes the best feelings come in a little package, with strong vibrations!  Simple, compact clitoral toys are definitely my favorite.

8 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

Share With Friends
Kimmy Says
Some of us have friends who have never even experienced an orgasm!  This is just crazy to me.  If you have knowledge or tips that could help someone else, share it with them.  Sometimes our friends don’t know where to start with their first sex toy.  It can be awkward for some to talk openly about sex, but they might appreciate your advice at home behind closed doors!

Living In A Material World
Fairy Godmother Knows
There are so many options out there for sex toy materials.  Silicone, jelly, glass, plastic.  It can make a big difference in how you feel in the bedroom.  Don’t give up on sex toys just because your first vibrator was a jelly disaster!  Just like clothes, try another material or style and find your groove.

What Have Sex Toys Taught You About Life?
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Date 4/1/2016
Michelle C
I actually like jelly vibrators but it took a few tries to get one I liked! <3
Date 4/1/2016
My bestie never had an orgasm until I got her a vibrator for Christmas! Best Gift EVERR!
Date 5/1/2016
I agree with this article entirely! I remember when I didn't have any vibes or Dildos, and luckily a friend was open with me about where she got them, and here I am, with two drawers of toys and fun stuff, I really enjoy owning toys, and I enjoy answering my friends qeustions or having discussions about it, I had a friend that didn't own a vibe or dildo, so I bought her one, she was very content with it!

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