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5 Sexy Things He Craves In The Bedroom

Posted by Mikayla to Women's Issues
Sexy Things Men Crave In The Bedroom

We all have our wants and desires when it comes to sex, and both men and women have certain sexual cravings or desires that will really get their blood pumping! Since the goal of sex is mutual pleasure and satisfaction, wouldn’t all women love to know what their man craves in the bedroom? I know I would! Here are just 5 of the top sexual cravings men have.

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Couples Intense sex
It may seem super simplistic, but the top thing a man craves in the bedroom is to make you CUM! Men are complex creatures, but two very prominent characteristics of men are that they are: competitive and visual. This means men want to make you orgasm so they can have personal bragging rights AND they are very visual so watching you climax is a HUGE sexual turn on! Plus, what is better than being able to get your man going by having your own orgasm? It is definitely a win-win situation.

romantic couple sexual intercourse
If your guy is always making the first move (or all the moves) consider taking the lead every so often. Men love it when their lover initiates sex. Not only does this allow them to, you know, have sex, but it also lets them know that you are into them and desire them. Men need and love to know that they are sexually desirable too! Plus, a woman pulling out the seduction tricks is super erotic and really gets him going.

What Do Women Want In Bed?

Sexy dirty talk
Is this really a big surprise? Men love to hear you moan, groan and, yes, get a little dirty with the vocabulary. Sure, hearing, “make love to me” is nice and no man is going to turn that down. However, if you bring out the, “I want you to fuck me hard” well, he is going to amp up quickly and be even MORE anxious to oblige. Men love dirty talk and crave it, especially if their lover is a bit on the shy side. Dirty talk eludes to confidence and confidence is super sexy! Speaking of….

Sexy confident woman
A confident woman is a sexy woman. Period. There is no debate here. When a woman is confident in her body, her sexual skills, her ability to please and comes out of gate sexual-guns blazing her man will go ballistic! When you come into a sexual situation confidently and with, well, gusto, men really crave more of that! It is like taming a sexual beast or being with a porn star!

kinky couple foreplay
Women are not the only ones who want a little pre-play action, men love it too! While you may think that all men need is to hear the word “sex” to be up and raring to go, but the truth is, this is not always accurate. Men need to be seduced and touched, kissed, caressed and, yes, given a blowjob! You read that correctly. Men crave blowjobs. Oral sex. Blowjobs. Foreplay. Give the man a blowjob! Come on! He deserves it. It is not only about the actual Blowjob, but the craving you have for him, the intimacy and the warm up. So come on ladies, give the man a BJ!

What Do You Want From Your Lover?
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Date 3/7/2016
Yes more blowjobs I always want more blowjobs
Date 3/7/2016
I wish my woman was more confident in the bedroom. She doesn't like the lights on and she's shy about her body but she's beautiful and I wish she could be less shy.
Date 5/12/2016
I like anal play. Most men like tossing salad,but are scare of judgement. I am a male and i like when a women takes control and she fucks me... even with sex toys
Date 5/12/2016
Old Woodsman
I want to take turns tying and teasing. Light bondage, or what Alex Comfort in "The Joy of Sex" calls slow masturbation. No pain, just measure the pleasure. Edging, restraints to pull against, maybe a little post orgasm torture if I cum before she wants me to. I like to see my lady squirm with more pleasure than she could take from my tongue or a vibrator if she weren't tied spread eagle on the bed. Because we take turns, trust is assured.
Date 7/16/2016
I not only want a blowjob as foreplay, I want the skin on my balls licked and sucked. Ladies, there are some great free, safe, websites that explain technique this to you. My own lady tells me that clean balls smell very pleasant and "woodsy" or "earthy."
Date 8/2/2016
Married for 43 + years to a very active man, heck we were both active! One of the things he liked (it wasn't done all the time)was while on a trip, or long drive, I would out of the blue kneel down in the seat to give him a long slow blow job. I never gave him much of a choice, as I would get him thinking about it by placing his hands between my legs. When I knew he was really feeling the urge I would start his treat. One time while I was having fun, a state trooper was right behind us and I wouldn't stop or allow him to push me away. Shall we say he had a hard time keeping a steady speed, finally the trooper went on his way. That trip was from Alamogordo,New Mexico back to El Paso,Texas which was 80 miles each way. I surprised myself that day because I started right outside Alamogordo and didn't quit till we were in El Paso city limits! He was so pleased and drained when we did get back to our place at Fort Bliss. He did surprises also - like the time he ate me out inside a military vehicle a tank in his motor pool to be repaired on Sunday morning when we went so he could get his skydiving log book. He was an air borne Ranger who taught me to skydive. He came back from Vietnam, but agent orange took him in 2011. He used to tell me he called it walking dead. We lived,cried,loved and laughed even when we didn't agree, I believe even now at 68, fat & sassy that the sex was terrific mostly because we had the deepest feelings and never forced anything or made the other feel awkward or embarrassed about suggesting to try something new. Good luck and hoping you'll have wonderful memories of your sexual escapes! Yes, I still love my vibrator!
Date 1/15/2018
I love it when my wife goes a little deeper and deepthroats me. she has a hard gag reflex so it isnt easy but when it happens i go crazy. then when she pulls away and looks up at me and there is spit dribbling down her lip, I just have to have her then and there
Date 1/20/2018
I want my partner to tie me up and use me however she wants. She can get me hard and use my dick for orgasm. She can sit on my face and I will eat her out. She can tease me anyway she pleases. The longer she makes me wait for mine, the better.
Date 1/22/2018
Bill R
Kissing all over is a big turn on for both. Nipple licking and sucking and oral on each other then together is always great.
Date 4/2/2018
I used to be able to give my partner another hard-on after he would cum and with him still inside me. I could do it at least 2-3 times and sometimes more. Ladies if you know how to kegel you can do it too. I'm older now but want to be able to do it again so I'm practicing my kegels.
Date 4/13/2018
My man loves it when I initiate sex by spontaneously going down on him and giving him a long slow blow job. He especially loves it when I add some prostate action while sucking him. He has unbelievable orgasms!
Date 6/14/2018
I love to blindfold my lover , then use Chinese nipple clamps on him and spank him. He goes hard immediately. I tie his hands above him and his feet to the bed posts. . I then give him oral and pull on the chain attached to his nipples. He cums so fast and long, I release the clamps accelerating his ecstasy during orgasm as the blood rushes back to his nipples and I rub them. The pain is what he loves and I love to feel him shake and quiver in euphoria

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