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Weekly Wrap-Up - 3/26/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info

Watch to the end of the video to find out how you can WIN a TooTimid Gift Card!

The Weekly Wrap Up is where we clue you in on all the new and exciting things happening on and at the TooTimid Offices!

We share new products, coupons, Sex-Ed articles, and have our Weekly Wrap Up Contest! Don't miss out on all the exciting new toys!

Mini Silicone Clitoral Pump

Boost your pleasure with this travel-friendly clit sucker!  Made of hypoallergenic silicone, this clit pump creates a tight seal around your clit so you can get the most suction possible.  The suction increases sensitivity, helping you build to a more powerful orgasm!  The suction cup and handheld pump are small and discreet, and the quick-release air valve makes this the perfect little clitoral pump for beginners.

2-In-1 Mangina Realistic Dildo & Stroker

The possibilities are endless with this awesomely unique sex toy!  The realistic head and veiny shaft make this the perfect dildo for real-feel penetration.  But that's not all!  The shaft is also a tight stroker for men.  You can even wear this sleeve during sex for increased length and girth!  No matter what kind of sexual play you are in the mood for, this versatile dildo will have you cumming in no time.  It is perfect for solo pleasure and couples' play!

Icicles No. 55 Double-Sided Glass Dildo

This double-headed dildo offers two tantalizing textures for you to enjoy!  Stimulate yourself with the sensually ribbed or nubby shaft.  This gorgeous, hand-crafted sex toy is made of the most durable, hypoallergenic glass, so it is always safe to use!  The gentle curves in the shaft increase G-spot and P-spot stimulation, giving you more powerful climaxes.  Plus, this glass massager is perfect for temperature play!

Do You Have More Intense Orgasms With Sex Toys Or Without?

Let Us Know!


Date 3/25/2016
Ali From TooTimid Offices
Congratulations to this weeks winner, DnA!

Last week's question was, "Have You Ever Had A Threesome?," and we got a LOT of naughty comments!

DnA shared, "My girlfriend and I have always loved the idea of adding another girl to the mix. We do our own thing without each other sometimes but love when it turns to a threesome! Her preferred fave is ffm although the last one we had was fmf strangely enough. She's loved it enough to where we've discussed a couple's girlfriend sort of thing. But it all hinges on your personalities and a ton of communication! We agreed long ago to discuss everything and to not argue but debate and discuss. This is critical to our serious but not serious relationship style and is paramount to make a threesome work as well as keep us together!"

Great advice for any couple considering adding a third party into the mix! Threesomes are definitely not for ever relationship, but you seem to have it figured out!

Be sure to check back next week for info on all our awesome new products and comment below for your chance to win great prizes!

Date 3/26/2016
mm theyre definitely different kinds of orgasms... more intense i'd prolly say with a toy, just because i can keep cumming and dont have to take a break!
Date 3/26/2016
Without! I totally agree with Angela, its definitely more intense without a toy!
Date 3/26/2016
Todd Toblerone
I like using a masturbator to come during foreplay, then she plays with herself, I get hard again and we have sex. It makes the eventual release that much more intense, so I guess its a draw!
Date 3/26/2016
I think my orgasms are better with a toy! I normally start to get too bored without one and not finish... Whoops!
Date 3/26/2016
I am on board with Angela. Toys are fun but eye rolling orgasms envolve emotion. I guess I'm old school too. ;)
Date 3/26/2016
I have to say my orgasms are more intense and last longer with prostate stimulation. My wife can do it with her fingers, but when using vibrating and even non-vibrating prostate stimulating toys the intensity is greater and my ejaculation in harder and seems to last longer than without the toys.
Date 3/26/2016
Definitely more intense without toys.
Date 3/26/2016
I get off great either way. I think it's the situation and or mindset that makes or breaks the orgasm. I find that the more intense the orgasm depends on what I'm thinking about where I am and who I'm with the toy or not toy is a mood point
Date 3/26/2016
John Andrews
I'm not sure since I'm a guy but I think it enhances the act but a lot depends on the man's abilities. Just how good is he.
Date 3/26/2016
I like my sex toys I like to use them while having sex or fore play is fun and it's extremely exciting when you're both using toys on each other it feels really good when your man is penetrating you and the sense of vibration on your clit or from your back door he gives him more thrusting power to reach areas that would not normally be reached gives me exploding organisms
Date 3/26/2016
I have had amazing orgasms both ways. Sometimes it depends on my mood. Toys are quick and make for some strong intense orgasms while without, they are more sensuous.
Date 3/26/2016
Orgasms are better for me with toys. I am single and use my toys regularly.
Date 3/26/2016
Sex toys have their time and place but nothing takes the place of two sharing feelings and themselves.
Date 3/27/2016
I think their better without. When you have a partner that you really care about there is just so much more involved. Sex toys are great when you don't have a partner.
Date 3/28/2016
Joseph M Peterson Jr
Toys are great for foreplay and during sex but Orgasms are better without sextoys.

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