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Weekly Wrap-Up - 2/6/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Watch to the end of the video to find out how you can WIN a TooTimid Gift Card!

How will you show your lover you care this Valentine's Day? Show your love (or your lust!) with a brand-new TooTimid toy! There is no better way to celebrate your lover. The heart-shaped holiday is just around the corner, so don't miss out on all these amazing offers!

Dervish Glass Dildo

Blushing Dervish Vibrating Glass Dildo

This powerful toy is truly amazing and will satisfy your every sexual urge! This fantastic massager is actually two toys in one! The sleek inner vibe is a powerful multi-speed stimulator, with an easy-to-use dial and slick finish. The thick outer sleeve is intricately crafted from smooth and solid glass, and the generous spiral swirl that cascades down the slick shaft caresses your inner curves whenever you insert it! The sleek, hypoallergenic glass is the perfect material for any woman with sensitive skin, or anyone who wants a versatile toy!

S&L Kit

Satin and Lace Lover's Kit

Stunningly elegant, this restraint kit adds a daring element to any romantic adventure! Soft lace and satin ribbon create a comfortable system that allows you to easily adjust the size to meet your partner's needs! This seductive kit feels just as good as it looks! This romantic kit includes one eye-mask, lined in soft red satin, and two adjustable cuffs. Each cuff uses a dainty but sturdy red ribbon to secure the soft cuffs into place, and includes a mini-D-ring for easy tying. This is the perfect kit for any couple who wants to expand their sexual repertoire!

Entice Crotchless Vibrating Panties

Entice Crotchless Vibrating Panties

The classic black thong gets a stylish and seductive twist with these stimulating panties! Soft and stretchy, this black thong hugs your curves, while rose-gold colored metal links accent the back of this stylish lingerie piece. The crotchless center allows things to get as hot and heavy as possible, while a built in pocket holds the powerful micro-bullet in place! You can wear this sexy panty while having sex, letting the intense vibrations provide the clitoral stimulation most women NEED for a truly satisfying orgasm.

Do You Talk Dirty In The Bedroom?
Let Us Know!


Date 2/2/2016
Ali From TooTimid Offices
Congratulations to this weeks winners, Marty & Sara!

Last week's question was, "What Do You Do After Sex?" and apparently we've got to up our after-sex game!

"Friday Night is our "Date Night" and we spend an hour or more enhancing our love making with using whatever toys we choose from a collection of fifty or more toys we have purchased from After several glasses of a good Malbec wine, we love using Jo water based lube. After incredible sex, clean up consists of several warm and wet washcloths. We slip under the covers and comment on all the fantastic orgasms my wife had (6-12) in the last hour. We are in our mid fifties and sex is hotter and more intense than ever due to the addition of lube and toys! I can't thank the people of enough for all the great toys you have sold us over the years on your super easy to use website! Thank You! :-] & :-) Marty & Sara"

We love to hear our toys are being put to good use, and buttering us up never hurts!

Be sure to check back next week for info on all our awesome new products and comment below for your chance to win great prizes!

Date 2/6/2016
we love our dirty talk! :) theres always some roleplaying thrown in too so its even more fun lol
Date 2/6/2016
Not often, I'm not very good at it! Occasionally my SO will be in the mood to and I can manage a "bad boy!" but that's pretty much the extent of it haha
Date 2/6/2016
oh yesss but i think its more about HOW you talk then what you say like my bf loves when i whisper all sexy like "i want you sooo bad" or "im so wet for you right now" he says its a huge turn on!
Date 2/6/2016
Karen Parr
yes we love dirty talk its so arousing, and hot
Date 2/6/2016
YES ! we both do --we tell each other about how we love each other and tell--explain and ask how we like something we are doing how fast-how slow-how deep-where -when and especially how it feels and of course when to stop when it is enough or can't take no more to all lovers--use your words !
Date 2/6/2016
Oh yes, me and my partner love to talk dirty in the bedroom and anywhere else the mood hits. To me it adds extremely powerful sex if you tell them what you are going to do so they know what to expect. But delivery is much more than imagined. Love it.
Date 2/6/2016
Yes of course
Date 2/6/2016
I try but it's hard to get over being self conscious! We play-fight a lot, so I'd say our "dirty talk" is more physical!
Date 2/6/2016
No but love to hear it, it's a turn on but partner is sort of shy in this area
Date 2/6/2016
Little Andy
Yes, most lovers I have had like to talk dirty during sex.
Date 2/6/2016
terry foret
yes we do we talk dirty like I got her on top of me and she riding me and another man sneak in she always wanted to know how it would feel to have another man do her with me and the story go on and the orgasm starts lol
Date 2/6/2016
wyatt plock
I do a little bit. I can never fully judge whether my wife would be turned on or off about it. She never really is comfortable asking questions about sex. However when we are in the mood, and she's worked up she's a lot more willing to answer questions. But I know enough this isn't the best time to talk about our sex lives LOL.
Date 2/6/2016
Robbie Newton
yes we both want to know that each other is enjoying what we are doing to each other!
Date 2/6/2016
Yes, of course. We talk dirty all the time. That's why we are aroused and think about sex all day.
Date 2/6/2016
Elizabeth Martinez
Yes I do! I love it and it makes him go wild and crazy trying to get me off! Lol Having fun and enjoying each other is 1 of the best things.
Date 2/6/2016
Yes actually and she really likes it more when I do
Date 2/7/2016
I try to talk dirty when I am with my boyfriend, but the harder I try to talk dirty it just gets silly for me.
Date 2/7/2016
No I'm single. Just cant turn myself on that way lol
Date 2/7/2016
Yes we do. Sometimes I tell him I will smack that Bad Ass!
Date 2/7/2016
Yes we do. Sometimes I tell him I will smack that Bad Ass!
Date 2/8/2016
Very definitely, especially to cum inside her.
Date 2/8/2016
Yes keeps her aroused & I get to talk nasty! :)

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