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Weekly Wrap-Up - 2/27/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Watch to the end of the video to find out how you can WIN a TooTimid Gift Card!

The Weekly Wrap Up is where we clue you in on all the new and exciting things happening on and at the TooTimid Offices!

We share new products, coupons, Sex-Ed articles, and have our Weekly Wrap Up Contest! Don't miss out on all the exciting new toys!


Felicite Silicone G-Spot Vibrator

This sensational silicone vibrator was designed with pleasure in mind! The velvety soft surface offers incredible g-spot stimulation, with a firm shaft that swells to a bulbous tip. The gentle curves perfectly mimic the inner shape of the female body, and allow for precise g-spot stimulation! The 5 vibrating and pulsating options are controlled from a simple-to-use two button keypad, and this vibe even has a safety travel lock! You'll love the incredible orgasms this fantastic silicone vibrator happily provides!

Dual-Density Stroker

Pussy & Mouth Squeezable Dual-Stroker

Experience the mind-blowing texture of this fantastic toy! Slide into either side of the super-soft and supple sleeve and enjoy the intense stimulation, lifelike sensations, and EXPLOSIVE orgasms that are sure to follow! The tunnels of this realistic sleeve are lined with canals, ribs, and tiny love nodules that surround and tease your cock with each stroke. Each side offers a new opportunity for ecstasy! The velvety soft Fanta Flesh even warms to your body heat for the most realistic stroking experience available! You'll love pumping your thick cock in both of this tight strokers holes!

Powerful 10 Function Rabbit

Powerful 10 Function Mini Rabbit Lover

This sensational vibrator is the answer to your blended-orgasm-prayers! From the g-spot angled bulb to the tips of the bunny's ears, this powerful little vibe will coax you to climax again and again! This adorable rabbit is perfect for anyone who wants a smaller toy or for dual-action beginners, but don't be fooled by this tiny toy's size! The powerful vibrations and pulsations this bunny provides are anything but weak! Ten incredible functions are easily controlled from the two button key-pad, and offer enough power to make even the most advance toy user aroused!

Can You Be "To Old" For Sex?

Tell Us Below!


Date 2/25/2016
Ali From TooTimid Offices
Congratulations to this weeks winner, Dandan!

Last week's question was, "Do You Watch Porn?," and we got so many fantastic comments!

Dandan said, "My wife and I are into different types of porn. She is more into the hard-core doggy style, missionary or even forced porn. I enjoy solo woman masturbation, with toys or fingers. Sometimes I'll get off before I make love to my wife, to be able to last longer. She uses it for solo masturbation to enhance her orgasm. We have tried watching porn during intercourse but it's distracting from one another, so we just stick to using it as a foreplay :)"

Thanks so much for sharing! I think a lot of people feel the same way!

Be sure to check back next week for info on all our awesome new products and comment below for your chance to win great prizes!

Date 2/27/2016
i mean, if your hips break when she gets on top...
Date 2/27/2016
No Way! I'm in my 40's and I feel like I'm just starting to understand my body and how to pleasure it!
Date 2/27/2016
My wife and I have more sex now (in our sixties) than we ever did when we were younger! And it's better with age! Sure, we use more lube and more toys, but we've also had more time to find out what we like!
Date 2/27/2016
Date 2/27/2016
OMG I hope not!! I agree that sex gets better with experience. We are getting to the age now that the kids are outta the house more and we can be more spontaneous.
Date 2/27/2016
I would think some of these items would ruin a woman to have normal relations with a man no man can compete with a vibrating toy.
Date 2/27/2016
I'm 78 and I feel sexier the past 10 years than I ever did when I was young! So, the answer is definitely "no."
Date 2/27/2016
Dirty Grandma
My husband and I enjoy more sex now than we did when we were younger. Being sexy is all in your mind and I know that the more I get, the more I want! I am so happy that we work to achieve the pleasure levels that we both need. I have learned so many new and exciting things to do and it is so much easier to enjoy sex when I know that I will not get pregnant!
Date 2/27/2016
No - Sex may change (position/frequency) but it will always be an important part of my wife and mine lives - regardless of our ages.
Date 2/27/2016
Lois Reagan
I don't think there's an age limit for sex to end.It's got more to do with how your body is reacting to hormones than anything else and ofcourse who your with.I really enjoy sex with younger men and I'm 68 now,almost 69.
Date 2/27/2016
Lois Reagan
I don't think there's an age limit for sex to end.It's got more to do with how your body is reacting to hormones than anything else and ofcourse who your with.I really enjoy sex with younger men and I'm 68 now,almost 69.
Date 2/27/2016
We live in this great age, the older we get, the more things fail in our bodies, but as in Health, there are so may new things today to help us to stay healthy, and their are so many extra toys to help us enjoy a great sex life, we are very lucky, it was not that long ago, where none of these sex toys were available, very lucky to be living in 2016, I can see no reason why as long as we can enjoy breathing we will enjoy sex.
Date 2/27/2016
Age is just a number. If you are healthy enough, physically able and mentally stable enough to have sex with an appropriate and willing partner or partners; go for it. Show me the rides at the amusement parks that has an age limit on them or the movies at the theater that will turn you away for being "too old". Where on condom packs or sex toys/aides does it tell you not to use if you are over a certain age? I rest my case.
Date 2/27/2016
I would like to give you some input on your vibrator's, on some of them it's hard to see the action of them. Can you put them on a hard surface like your desk or in a clear glass of water and then we can all see the action.
Date 2/27/2016
I'm 70 years old and have sex as often as I can with my partner. We both could have it every day!!
Date 2/27/2016
I think you can have sex for as long as you want!
Date 2/27/2016
I don't feel there is an age for it to end think now that am getting older this year will be 50 this year (that's really hard to believe) but anyway think I enjoy it now more than I did when I was younger
Date 2/27/2016
Date 2/27/2016
All the older couples I know say it gets better, and the younger guys I know are looking for older women due to their experience
Date 2/27/2016
i don't think sex should diminish for any reason no matter the age, but of course there are reasons it might such as dementia and other memory diminishing ailments, the ones with the diseases don't remember having a sex life and that can be really sad for their partners (many 60 or70 yrs married). As for me I'm 62 yrs young and my urges are still very strong, but my partner of 8 yrs is just recently quit his drinking problem, and I will wait patiently till he gets his desires back till then THANK GOD FOR TOO-TIMID.....
Date 2/27/2016
Have enjoyable sex up until you leave this world. :-)
Date 2/28/2016
i'm 64 1/2-and a very horny bunny-bisexual I am blessed to be loved by 2 awesome it does get better!
Date 2/29/2016
I hope not I'm over 60 and quite active with my wife of 40 years, she's great.
Date 3/2/2016
Ali From TooTimid Offices
Hi guys! I just want to briefly respond to John.

No sir, I don't think any woman can be "ruined" by sex toys, because I don't think that any woman can be "ruined"!

First off, the experience a woman has with a vibrator is VERY different than with a lover. A vibrator only vibrates! You don't get any of the intimacy or passion of sex with a partner!

Secondly, I think that by your logic, you could easily say that men who use masturbators are "ruined" for women. I don't think anyone would say that, since it's so obviously a different experience than having sex with a partner.

Please don't be intimidated by toys! Most women NEED clitoral stimulation for a great orgasm! Some lucky ladies don't, but most do, so try introducing a bullet or non-phallic toy into your bedroom and see how your lady likes it!

Chances are, you'll find you love seeing her so turned on that it actually improves your already great sex!

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