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Weekly Wrap-Up - 1/30/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Watch to the end of the video to find out how you can WIN a TooTimid Gift Card!

How will you show your lover you care this Valentine's Day? Show your love (or your lust!) with a brand-new TooTimid toy! There is no better way to celebrate your lover. The heart-shaped holiday is just around the corner, so don't miss out on all these amazing offers!


Mood 7 Function Bullet

Slim and sleek, with a rounded head that's amazing for use internally or for pinpoint external stimulations, this waterproof vibe has plenty to offer the girl who wants everything! The silky, velvety coating allows for precision placement as you explore the 7 vibration modes!

Quilted Heart Paddle

Quilted Heart-Shaped Paddle

Let your lover know whose boss with this pretty pink quilted paddle! Silky soft quilted satin in a heart-shaped package is soft enough to show you care, but firm enough to keep your lover in line! There's nothing sweeter than this paddle, except maybe the delightful shade of pink your lover's butt will be once you finish with this spanking tool! Soft satin is gently quilted into adorable hearts for a paddle that disciplines and delights!

Shibari Mega Wand

Shibari 15X Wireless Mega Wand

The Shibari Mega Wand has changed the game for wand massagers! This incredible wand offers FIFTEEN vibrating and pulsating options to choose from, all in a compact wireless and rechargeable design! The stylish shape of this wand offers many of the benefits of a regular "magic" wand, with an incredibly flexible neck and easy to use buttons, but pulls away from the pack when it comes to POWER!

What Do You Do After Sex?
Tell Us Below!


Date 1/27/2016
Ali From TooTimid Offices
Congratulations to this weeks winner, Binky!

Your comment about using sex toys made us smile from ear to ear!

"Yes, definitely! I didn't start using toys until my early 30's. Gotta love hitting the sexual peak, as a woman! I started using them when I met my fiance; I am hooked now! LOL! I'm like a kid in a candy store now when it comes to toys."

Now you can use your $25 Gift Card to get more goodies!

Be sure to check back next week for info on all our awesome new products and comment below for your chance to win great prizes!
Date 1/30/2016
Usually we just lay there for a few minutes, and then have sex again! By the time we're FINISHED-finished I'm always so tired I usually fall asleep naked and take a little nap! Its a vicious cycle though, because when we wake up we're still naked and that leads right back to sex!
Date 1/30/2016
Sex Toy Maintenance! Lol! I grab my toy cleaner and straighten up whatever mess we made! We can have fun, but I wouldn't want my kids walking in and seeing my toys all strewn around all willy-nillilly
Date 1/30/2016
i jump up and clean the house! he just wants to watch tv!
Date 1/30/2016
Friday Night is our "Date Night" and we spend an hour or more enhancing our love making with using whatever toys we choose from a collection of fifty or more toys we have purchased from After several glasses of a good Malbec wine, we love using Jo water based lube. After incredible sex, clean up consists of several warm and wet washcloths. We slip under the covers and comment on all the fantastic orgasms my wife had (6-12) in the last hour. We are in our mid fifties and sex is hotter and more intense than ever due to the addition of lube and toys! I can't thank the people of enough for all the great toys you have sold us over the years on your super easy to use website! Thank You! :-] & :-) Marty & Sara
Date 1/30/2016
I jump in the shower clean up and back to bed with my husband cuddling when we watching a moving then have sex again.
Date 1/30/2016
After sex, my wife and I just like to be close. I'll usually hold her in bed until we both fall asleep. It's the best way to fall asleep.
Date 1/30/2016
Diane Weed
GET A DRINK OF WATER!!! LOL. Never fails, I get really bad dry mouth from all the heavy breathing. After that, I turn the pillow over (so I can put my face on the cool side) and fall asleep! My hubby is a cuddler, but I get so hot and sweaty that I don't want to touch ANYTHING! Not even blankets, LOL.
Date 1/31/2016
We usually work up an appetite so I make us a snack, then snuggle for a bit, then to sleep....
Date 1/31/2016
kelly ruth
It just depends on what time of day it is I might go to work afterwards or I might go to sleep afterwards or I might go to the store afterwards just depends.
Date 1/31/2016
I take shower and, I want go to work
Date 2/4/2016
I usually fall asleep, then wake up like 10-15 minutes later and clean up, my husband called sex my tranquilizer because it normally puts me to sleep after several orgasms.
Date 2/4/2016
I usually fall asleep, then wake up like 10-15 minutes later and clean up, my husband called sex my tranquilizer because it normally puts me to sleep after several orgasms.

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