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Weekly Wrap-Up - 11/20/2015

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info
Watch to the end of the video to find out how you can WIN a TooTimid Gift Card!

If you're like all of us here at TooTimid, you are probably busy getting ready for Thanksgiving (it's this coming Thursday, so you might want to hit the supermarket if you haven't yet)!  Lots of food to cook, picture frames to dust, napkins to fold into decorative shapes, and in-laws to impress!  It can get pretty intense, so reward yourself and unwind with one of this weeks top picks!  Have an awesome holiday, and next Friday while you are recovering from that delicious meal, tune in for more of the sex toys you love!
Oh, and don't forget that next Friday is Black Friday, so be sure to check in for some of the best deals of the year!

animal print designer bullet vibrator sex toy for women

Primal Instinct Multi-Speed Bullet

Get a little wild with a designer animal print bullet vibrator!  These sexy clit vibes come in a variety of colors and prints, like giraffe, pink leopard, and blue tiger!  When it comes to style, these clitoral stimulators have no equal.  But it needs to feel as good as it looks, right?  Well, you're in luck, because vibrators have POWERFUL multi-speed vibrations!  Feed your most primal instinct and let that beast go free with an intensely powerful orgasm that only a seductive bullet like this can deliver.
G-spot vibrator for beginner sex toy users

My First G-Spot Vibe

For all you lovely ladies looking to experience one of the most glorious orgasms of all time, you need a vibe specifically designed for you in mind!  This beginner-friendly G-spot massager is super sleek and firm to help you deliver intense stimulation to your G-spot.  The tip is curved to help you find your sensual hotspot, but it also makes this sex toy an elite clitoral stimulator!  This vibrator has the powerful multi-speed vibrations you need to have an explosive G-spot orgasm and is 100% waterproof for wet and wild fun, making it the ideal vibe for beginners and experienced sex toy users!
discreet vibrating thong for women

Hidden Dreams Vibrating Lace Thong

This isn't your typical sexy lace thong - it has a naughty little secret!  Discover the untold pleasures of a vibrating thong!  This flirty undergarment comes with a powerful, waterproof bullet vibe that slips right into a pocket in the underwear.  The vibrations will stay right on your clitoris and build you up to an earth-shattering orgasm that only you know is coming!  Go about your day with this clit-stimulating thong and experience unending satisfaction!  Everyone will want to know why you're in such a good mood!  Isn't keeping secrets fun?

What Are You Most Thankful For?

Leave a comment answering this week's question and you'll be entered into our raffle for a TooTimid gift card!  Hurray!


Date 11/19/2015
Alison From TooTimid Offices
Congratulations to Jerry, this week's winner!

Your comment... "I like to use a G spot toy on my girlfriend for an explosive orgasm. I also like a butterfly clit that can be worn." ...was great! You've gotta love a man who takes care of his lady!

Be sure to check back every week for information on all our newest toys and more chances to win great TooTimid prizes!

Date 11/19/2015
Randa - TooTimid Office
It's going to sound cheesy, but I've got to say my boyfriend, Keith. He's VERY supportive of me and always has my back no matter what. It's not easy to find friends like that!
Date 11/19/2015
Oh my family definitely. So thankful to God for my hubby and kids
Date 11/19/2015
Raymond Carmichael
the food on the table, the roof over my head, and my wifes sweet pussy ;) x
Date 11/19/2015
The TooTimid girls :) (just trying to butter you up for the gift card lol :) No I love my family and I'm glad they are all with me this year safe and sound and praying for those families in suffering right now
Date 11/20/2015
Like everyone else I ham thankful for my family especially my wife who has stood by my side through some very rough times. Thank You Hon.
Date 11/20/2015
I am most thankful that we live in a country that allows us to have freedom in so many ways.
Date 11/20/2015
I gotta say I am extreemy grateful to have my family. It's been rough getting to where we are now. My husband and I had tried for a baby for two years with a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with my son. But something was found that we would have never expected. Durring an anatomy sonogram they discovered that he had a cleft lip and palette. And then to top it off this poor little guy was born at 28 weeks gestation and had to spend four months in the NICU. Because of his clefting and prematurity eating was always a challenge. He even had to have feedin tube placed in his stomach for over a year and a half. He's been through five surgeries and more to come and he's not even two yet. He's the strongest boy Iv ever seen and I'm grateful everyday that he survived his journey and is here today to share his smiles and love with everyone.
Date 11/20/2015
I love to come to your site, It gives me ideas on how to spice things up with my girlfriend.
Date 11/20/2015
Piper Jones
With everything that has been going on: personally, professionally, and also globally, I have to say I am most thankful for family and support of loving friends. I am thankful to be surrounded by such love and positivity amidst frightening and stressful times. And I am absolutely thankful for the "family" I have made in my life through work and other social interactions. These things cannot be purchased with money and they cannot be replaced.
Date 11/20/2015
I am most thankful for my son, he is the constant of my life. Hes the most precious child you could ever meet. My best friend, love of my life, and my motivation to be a better me every single day! <3
Date 11/20/2015
Im so thankful for My best friend who I love so much that it scare me, he doesnt know how much I care for him,never knew I would or could love someone again,after becoming a widow in 2012,
Date 11/21/2015
Michael Gutierrez
I'm thankful having a good job this son and all the great sex toys!!
Date 11/21/2015
I'm thankful for my family and that God has finally given me a man who loves me unconditionally. I'm 59 and he's 80 but he doesn't let that slow him down a bit! I'm having a hard time keeping up with him but Too Timid thanks for the help with that!!
Date 11/21/2015
rick burrell
I most thankful for my 2 little girls. They saved me from myself and have given me a new meaning to life.
Date 11/22/2015
Jana Kovar
I am most thankful for the simplest things. Such as a wonderful home and food on my table and safety. When so many people are struggling for this. I am also thankful for my wonderful boyfriend. That buys me your wonderful toys. Jana
Date 11/22/2015
April Moreno
I am thankful for my husband and my beautiful two boys we made together and now a week before Thanksgiving we found out we are going to be expanding our family. I don't have to many friends but the ones I do have, some being family members, have supported me through thick and thin. Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you will get.
Date 11/22/2015
Adel Aldazdar
I am thankful for my videogames. As well as my memes.
Date 11/23/2015
I am so very thankful for my family, my kids and my best friend (husband)! And also very thankful to live in a free country and for those soldiers that fight for our freedom everyday and last but not least thankful for a awesome website like this where I can order discreetly for my favorite toys:)

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