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Weekly Wrap Up - 11/18/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info


Date 11/18/2016
luv to have my clit sucked hard, and fingering at the same time
Date 11/18/2016
I love when he goes really, REALLY drives me crazy! Not a fan of turbo tongue!!!
Date 11/18/2016
my favorite during oral is when she sucks the tip of my penis and uses her hands to rub the base of my cock
Date 11/18/2016
She likes it when I finger her w/ my middle finger. We listen to music and do it to the beat of the song. I make her cum in 2 mins flat.
Date 11/18/2016
gregory II
i loooovee when she circles her tongue around my makes my head spin i almost cum everytime
Date 11/18/2016
I enjoy when he goes slow. I really get into it when he uses his fingers as well.
Date 11/18/2016
Luv when my boi sux my clit super hard....that pressure makes it so intense and then fingers me @ the same time, SOOO GOOOOOOD!!!!11!!1
Date 11/18/2016
Strong independent woman
I find that most men are not very good at pleasing a woman orally, so whenever I'm with a male partner who doesn't know what I like, I prefer sitting on his face. Now, I don't ACTUALLY put my weight on him, but I'm on top. I get to decide how mush pressure goes on any particular spot, and I'm free to hump a little bit to encourage him into the correct rhythm I need to cum. It's also a huge power-trip for me. I love being in control and being serviced by a sexy male submissive.
Date 11/18/2016
Not a typical Joe
I absolutely love eating pussy. I prefer doing it slow. My fav position is when my wife is sitting on my face. I could eat pussy for hours.
Date 11/20/2016
It's always special cause I can't do it myself
Date 11/30/2016
I like to start out kissing and sucking on her tits. Usually she is wearing a string thong which really turns me on. I lick and chew a little through the thong and lick her ass for a while until she's good and hot. I slowly remove the thong and start to work slowly with the tip of my tongue sucking a little here and there. As she gets ready to cum I take her clit and suck hard while putting pressure against he with my face and then insert my fingers in her pussy. After she cums. I let her relax for a bit and then start again. The second time is better than the first. I have made her cum three times. Have tried for four but she is usually too tired. I could eat pussy all day. I love it!!!

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