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Weekly Wrap Up - 10/28/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info


Date 10/28/2016
we dont put on candles often but i definitely love to have soft romantic lighting :))
Date 10/28/2016
I liek to use bondage gear with my man to get aroused, we like th underbed restraints
Date 10/28/2016
TooTimid Ashley
Definitely low lighting, no music or tv on, and one of my fall/winter bedroom tips is wearing socks, HAHA. I like to stay warm
Date 10/28/2016
TooTimid Lindsay
We don't really do much to set the mood. It's more like...."I'm bored, you bored. Yup. Wanna do it!? Oh yeah." We get bored a lot. :-D
Date 10/28/2016
TooTimid Customer Service
Lots of lingering eye contact. Lots of purposeful bending, leaning, and incidental contact. I get up in their personal space, and I make suggestive comments. I'm not in a serious relationship, so it's all about making sure my partner's mind is in the right place - in the gutter, and then, in my bed :)
Date 10/28/2016
TooTimid Jessica
I try to make a night of it. Wear something that I know he thinks looks sexy on me. Cook a nice dinner and set the table with candles. Sometimes I'll offer to massage his shoulders and I'll whisper things in his ear to get him in the mood.
Date 10/28/2016
TooTimid Taylor
I like to dress up in a cute bra and a crotch-less underwear set. Giving shoulder rubs is what he likes the best and talking dirty sets the mood for both of us.
Date 10/28/2016
TooTimid@ VAL
Usually I am the type of person who just blatantly asks for it, without even being sexual. I'm really bad at being sexual unless I have a little bit of liquid encouragement. My go-to is usually a back massage, with some warming massage oil to set the mood. I usually try to have something with a strong scent that smells really good to both of us. That tends to put me and him in the right mood, since I'm not good at being "sexy".
Date 10/28/2016
TooTimid Angie
I like to give little hints, looks and "accidental" touches till he gets the hint and starts making moves. Little to no light makes things more intense along with dirty talk. ;*

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