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Weekly Wrap Up - 07/15/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info


Date 7/15/2016
TooTimid Angela
I think fetishes are totally normal and natural! (As long as they're legal in the U.S. lol) -Angela
Date 7/15/2016
I like smeling her pantys when shes wet...not shure if that counts
Date 7/15/2016
Default smacking my ass, pulling my hair, sucking my clit, whatever! I will do it all!!
Date 7/16/2016
To be with a Transexual and I'm not bi or gay
Date 7/16/2016
To many to count, i kinda have a thing for rlly sharp non human teeth, pey play and imhuman things like tentacles and such
Date 7/16/2016
Ever since I was 17 I have had a fetish with enemas. My girlfriend at the time got me turned on to them and now my wife and I love doing enema erotically when making love.
Date 7/16/2016
Giving. I'm a giver more than a receiver. My fetish I guess is I love waking a woman by sucking her clit. It's like a total turn on for me.
Date 7/16/2016
It's true that my fetish is my sex toys (all are from Too Timid, it's true).

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