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Weekly Wrap Up - 07/01/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info


Date 7/1/2016
TooTimid Angela
I am NOT for one-night stands...I'm too clingy!
Date 7/1/2016
one night stands are grody no way!! you just never know who you went home with
Date 7/1/2016
Paul M.
its a DO for me, gotta live life and go with it!
Date 7/1/2016
Sasha R
I feel like it's more acceptable when you're younger and exploring your sexuality and going out to bars, in college
Date 7/1/2016
My best friend was all about one-night-stands until about a year ago when she met her current boyfriend, now she's changed her tune and settled down with him. But that used to be all she did! Short term hookups
Date 7/1/2016
I agree with Sasha..... younger and exploring. I'm having one night stands with the same guy. He's in a committed relationship and we have our fun together about 3, 4 times a month. It's been going on for over 2 yrs.
Date 7/2/2016
With hiv/aids & all the other std's out there why would anyone chance it???? Think with your head and not your vjj or your penis...besides you might end up with an unwanted pregnancy! Be Smart.??

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