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Weekly Wrap Up - 06/04/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info


Gyrating Tongue

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Here is every vibrator you could possibly imagine to tease, tempt, and tantalize your favorite pleasure point! Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so it’s no wonder these power-packed vibrators are so popular! From mini finger vibes to pocket massagers to textured stimulators, these sex toys were specifically designed to give you the intense vibrations you need directly on your clitoris for an explosive climax you’ll have to experience for yourself to believe.
Wannabe Creams

Clitoral Creams

Heighten your clitoral arousal with a stimulating clit cream! These sexual enhancement gels for women boost sexual pleasure to your favorite hotspot, helping you to achieve powerful orgasms more easily. Experience the most intense satisfaction during female masturbation and sexual intercourse with an erotically enticing clitoral cream!

Sliquid Green Apple

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Have You Ever Had Sex In A Pool Or Hot Tub?
Share With Us!


Date 6/4/2016
TooTimid Angela
I have never had sex in a pool or hot I too paranoid???
Date 6/4/2016
My wife and I have sex in our hot tub every winter! Love it!!
Date 6/4/2016
I would like 2 win a clitoural creme pls
Date 6/4/2016
I agree Angela. I don't like germs either and public hot tubs are not well cleaned.
Date 6/5/2016
Oh yeah!!!!! Best ever.....
Date 6/5/2016
Not a swimming pool or hot tub but yes in a Jacuzzi tube yes and both me and my wife love it. Would like to get a hot tub some day at the house and then we would have a lot a fun!
Date 6/5/2016
I have in a pool it was a privet pool I wouldn't do it in a public pool. But it was really nice to be with someone you care about just kinda floating in the water and enjoying each other. It's just really nice.
Date 6/6/2016
What's the difference between the clit and your g-spot. Thanks EC
Date 6/6/2016
TooTimid Angela
@EC Great question! The clit is the external area of a woman's vagina. The best way I can easily describe it is the area you put your tongue on if you are performing oral on her. The g-spot is inside of her vagina about 2-3 inches deep on the area towards her front-pelvis. If you insert your fingers into her and you are facing each other, when you curve your fingers into a "C" you will find her g-spot. Both very close to each other, but give very different types of pleasure.
Date 6/6/2016
My pool yes nothing public though it's great but I think need to have lube only other thing you may want to think of in all the chemicals so don't blame you for not wanting to
Date 6/6/2016
Angela your concern about germs in a hot tub are very well warranted, However in my profession I am required by state law (my state) to carry and hold a valid C.P.O certificate (Certified pool operator). The amount of different chemicals used in the daily operation of a public pool and or spa kill all germs in the body of water, there is a lot more technically involved standards with in the certificate, rest assured that you stand a better chance of running into germs in a lake then in a public pool or spa, I have and would without hesitation have sex in a spa, hot tub, pool. It's more of mind over matter, if you ever do try it its a wonderful feeling. Hope this helps ease your fear
Date 6/7/2016
TooTimid Angela
@L8niter - OMG! That actually really does...thank you so much! That was really nice of you! I will work on resetting my mind because I have heard it's so much fun!
Date 6/7/2016
Yes I have had sex in a swimming pool, but it was my own private pool! I would never do it in a hot tub or pool that was public, or that I don't control the cleanliness of! I know my bf loves underwater bj!

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