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Weekly Wrap Up - 05/07/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info

Watch to the end of the video to find out how you can WIN a TooTimid Gift Card!

The Weekly Wrap Up is where we clue you in on all the new and exciting things happening on and at the TooTimid Offices!

We share new products, coupons, Sex-Ed articles, and have our Weekly Wrap Up Contest! Don't miss out on all the exciting new toys!

Tryst Rechargeable Silicone Massager

Tryst Rechargeable Silicone Massager

If you've been searching for a luxurious vibrator that will answer all of your self-love prayers, then this seductive Tryst is the one for you! The unique, multi-use design offers the versatility you'd expect from a luxury toy, with the power you need for intense orgasms! Three POWERFUL and almost silent motors offer seven pulsating, vibrating and escalating functions for you to choose from. You can even slide the soft silicone toy over your partner's cock and use it as an impromptu cockring! The powerful motor in the base is perfect for riding against, and a softly rippled texture at the end provides sensational pleasure to both partners! The Tryst is completely rechargeable, and comes with a USB compatible charging cord, owner's manual and travel bag for discreet pleasure on-the-go! Grab one and experience a Tryst of your own!
Heated Vibrating Nipple Teasers

Heated Vibrating Nipple Teasers

Heat up your sex life with these tempting teasers! These non-piercing nipple clamps will heat up your love life! The easily adjusted clamps warm up to a balmy 138 degrees, perfect for treating your nipples to a warming sensation while you stimulate them! Two intense speeds offer fantastic vibrations throughout the silky smooth satin finish!

Erection Enhancer Set

Silicone Erection Enhancer Set

Take your play from pumping to pleasure! Two soft silicone rings offer incredible stretch! The rings spread open to accommodate the base of almost any cylinder pump chamber. Once you've pumped yourself up, use the side handles to slide the silicone ring from the pump base to the base of your shaft! The stretchy silicone ring helps to keep blood from flowing away from your cock, making your erection last longer and remain firmer! You'll love the incredible staying power you have with these sensational silicone rings!

What annoys you during oral sex?
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Date 5/7/2016
the clitoris is trustworthy and reliable but the g spot will rock your world so im going to have to go with vaginal
Date 5/7/2016
is there any reason you hate blue?
Date 5/7/2016
Weekly Wrap Up Winner - ANNOUNCEMENT!
Congrats, Michelle K.! You are the winner of a $25 gift card! Please check your e-mail to claim your prize!
Date 5/7/2016
thats why I only date women. Men don't kno how to eat p*****y lol
Date 5/7/2016
I feel sad that you have yet to find a guy who knows how to eat your pussy in a way that you are at least satisfied with that portion of your love making. Even worse, is that you have not been able to find a guy that you can talk to about it either before or after his attempts to be pleasing you. This is something that takes time to "figure out". Everyone has their own needs and desires, and you can't expect someone else to know what those are without sharing them. Be fair in how you are to judge, especially when you are going to lump all men into your judgement. I am told time and again, that my touches, caresses, fingerings, kisses and pickings are absolutely nothing short of wonderful. I hope this comment is helpful and encouraging.
Date 5/7/2016
I love oral sex but I am a squatter and men find it icky during oral sex!
Date 5/7/2016
Jessica Santillo
Bedbuddy54- oh pleeaasseee! First off, this is the problem, people like you think their touch and everythung is nothing short of wonderful. This is the problem in this world! Men like you think their amazing in bed when they 99.9% of the time are not. Women just tell you that because they don't want to hurt your feelings! Anyone will tell you that. And this is why woman have so man bad partners. Your comment did not help her at all. She knows what to do, what to say and how to please and get pleased with a partner. But it doesn't mean that she hasn't had any partners who didn't know what they were doing (which is the majority of men hate to say it) or have any experiences that weren't so pleasant, it doesn't mean every time is perfect. And I'm not sure what you mean by her lumping all men together, she never said anything about all men being the same. And she certainly never said she has never had a parter who can please her orally, and def never said she didn't have a partner she could talk about it before or after with. I mean you literally just made all of that up and jumped to a million conclusions she never was never even remotely close to saying. She literally said what annoyed her, that's it. You got offended SOMEHOW, and took that way out of context. Now, back the question in the video. What annoys me in oral or in bed in general... When men think they are the best in bed when they really suck, that annoys me! And every woman on the planet.
Date 5/7/2016
OMG I couldn't say it better. I agree with absolutely everything you said and have ranted the same to my friends.
Date 5/7/2016
I don't know about other men but as for me I have always loved eating pussy . I have been eating pussy for over fourth years now and don't plan on slowing down. Shaved or not I love it,can't get enough of it. Currently I have three women who come over regularly for a good licking , age range 27 to 49 . Over the years I feel as though I have gotten better and better . I always talk this over and experiment to find what does best individually as all aren't the same and like a change up now and then for best orgasms. I am 61 and stay busy eating young pussy and wouldn't change anything , they all know each other and sometimes bring a friend along to play . I love watching women do each other and this is how I learned my way around as I was taught by 2 mid twenty women ability in high school . It has been a glorious life between the thighs , thanks
Date 5/7/2016
For me oral sex is a head to toe action... I have always taken my time giving... And I'm okay with only receiving for short periods of time... I am a giver and like to give my partner as much pleasure for as long as she needs/wants it and I am not opposed to taking direction when needed... Like I said I love to please...
Date 5/8/2016
Julie M.
I love for the foreplay to be head to toe. Start with light kissing on the neck and move your way down. I like the fingering and sucking on the clot at the same time. Sometimes it not long enough but it always feels wonderful.

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