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Weekly Wrap-Up - 03/19/2016

Posted by TooTimid Staff to General / Misc Info

Watch to the end of the video to find out how you can WIN a TooTimid Gift Card!

The Weekly Wrap Up is where we clue you in on all the new and exciting things happening on and at the TooTimid Offices!

We share new products, coupons, Sex-Ed articles, and have our Weekly Wrap Up Contest! Don't miss out on all the exciting new toys!

Waterproof Shower Stud Realistic Dildo

This waterproof, suction cup dildo is the perfect shower companion!  This ultra-realistic stud is made of real-feel, body-safe material that is totally safe for all kinds of erotic shower play!  The sturdy suction cup base means you can enjoy this dildo hands-free.  It has tantalizing, multi-speed vibrations that will give you the most intense orgasms of your life.

Vibrating Butterfly Clitoral Pump

Made of velvety-smooth silicone, this clit pump for women is totally hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.  It has arousing ticklers inside of the cup to enhance clitoral stimulation.  The pump has a quick-release air valve for comfortable use.  Plus, with four satisfying vibrations, this pump will suck, tickle, and tease you to a powerful clitoral climax.

10X Wireless Long Range Silicone Tongue Flicker

This wireless bullet vibe is the perfect sex tool for female masturbation or erotic foreplay!  It has 10 stimulating modes of vibration which are controlled by the wireless remote control.  You can control the vibes or you can hand the remote over to your lover for kinky play anywhere!  The bullet has a flickering tongue that will tease you to ecstasy.

Have You Ever Had A Threesome?

Let Us Know!


Date 3/18/2016
Ali From TooTimid Offices
Congratulations to this weeks winner, Marilyn!

Last week's question was, "Does Size Matter?," and we got a ton of great comments!

Marilyn shared, "No the size doesn't matter. If a man knows what it takes to please a woman she will love it no matter what size it is."

I have to say, I agree completely! Intimacy and pleasure come in many different forms! It's all about the attention and care you show your partner!

Be sure to check back next week for info on all our awesome new products and comment below for your chance to win great prizes!

Date 3/19/2016
Danielle D.
No but I've thought about it! I'd be down to have another girl join us, but I think my boyfriend would feel to weird.
Date 3/19/2016
ya 1 time i had like 4 grls up on it
Date 3/19/2016
Mr. K
When my wife and I were younger we would actually swing. We both enjoyed it for awhile, but when we started having kids we dialed it down. Occasionally we talk about getting back into the scene, but probably not. You've got to have a good relationship before you bring in another person.
Date 3/19/2016
sarah vergado
my friend and i have and i've had a threesome with her and her bf, but it was weird after. idk if i'd do ut again
Date 3/19/2016
Yes my boyfriend and I have a threesome with one of my girlfriends who comes up to visit! We love it! We probably do it twice a year with her!
Date 3/19/2016
Yes my boyfriend and I have a threesome with one of my girlfriends who comes up to visit! We love it! We probably do it twice a year with her!
Date 3/19/2016
Back when I was young I had several 3somes but always mmf. I would love to have 2 females at once! What guy wouldnt!
Date 3/19/2016
My girlfriend and I have always loved the idea of adding another girl to the mix. We four ownthing without each other sometimes but love when it turns to a threesome! Her preferred fave is ffm although the last one we had was fmf strangely enough. She's loved it enough to where we've discussed a couple's girlfriend sort of thing. But it all hinges on your personalities and a ton of communication! We agreed long ago to discuss everything and to not argue but debate and discuss. This is critical to our serious but not serious relationship style and is paramount to make a threesome work as well as keep us together!
Date 3/19/2016
George Warren
I've been in threesomes multiple times and they are a blast.The first time was with my wife and her girlfriend and from that moment on I was hooked.
Date 3/19/2016
Marilyn Mckenney
No I think sex should be between two people that love each other. Witch bring the term making love.
Date 3/19/2016
When I was away at college in an all girl dorm I knocked on my friends door and she said " come in" when I opened the door she and her boyfriend were in the bed and ask me to join them. I was so scared I shut the door an ran! I have been married for nineteen years now and I don't think I could share my husband with anyone!
Date 3/19/2016
Angela TooTimid
omg LOL can I acknowledge that I was confidently talking into the wrong lens at the beginning
Date 3/20/2016
Daniel Walter
No, but i 've thought about it! It almost happened, but the guest female chichened out
Date 3/20/2016
I've never had a three some but would welcome the idea. Looking for something new and exciting. Don't get me wrong...having sex with a woman is awesome and I always please them. The only thing is I'm the one not getting pleased in the process. I think the women get tired of trying and say good bye...maybe I should have been in the having two women I would welcome it tremendously.
Date 3/20/2016
Never had a threesome! I have considered it, but most guys would only want fmf. I think I'd be more interested in bringing in a guy for mmf, but that's just me!
Date 3/20/2016
No I haven't! HOWEVER, I want too! My girlfriend and I have been talking about it. I want to have an orgy also. Girls of course and although I've never been with a guy, a guy too. We can have fun and learn from each other.

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