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9 Non-Standard Toys You Should Try!

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
9 Non Standard Toys You Should TryCheck Out Our Sex Toys For Women!

How thorough is your sex toy knowledge?  You do know that there are many more items available besides cock rings and vibrators, right?  If you don’t really have an extensive understanding of exactly how many different types of sexual enhancement products there are, don’t worry, most people don’t!  This is a shame too because there are so many non-standard items that are absolutely amazing, fun, exciting and are “must trys!”  So, whether you are new to sex toys altogether and want to try something fun OR you are a sex toy pro but want something different, read on for the 9 non-standard items you must consider trying!

1 & 2:  PUMP IT UP

Most people know that there are penis pumps, right?  We hear the stories about the porn gods who pump their penises up before a shoot and they get really huge and wide and make them look like a super stud?  Well, did you know that there are also pussy pumps?  Yep, sure are.

The Pussy Pump is a little oval shaped (and sometimes smaller, clitoral shaped) cup that is attached to a tube and a pumping device (think blood pressure cuff).  You place it over your
vaginal mound and pump.  It brings blood directly to the vaginal area and clitoris, making it very sensitive in all the best ways.  Some are large enough to encase the entire vaginal area, which will also puff up you labia!  If you have never tried it, it is a definite MUST.

Penis Pumps work similarly, except they have a tub that the penis is inserted into.  There are hand pumped versions and electric or battery operated versions that offer a variety of suction options.  There are also types that have silicone sleeves, often textured, that can provide some pretty stimulating sensations during pump play.  Yes, a penis pump can make your penis larger temporarily, but it also offers some men a really pleasurable masturbation experience.


Listen guys, you have GOT to get onto the anal play bandwagon!  No joke.  Prostate Massagers will offer you sensations during masturbation (or blowjobs) that you never knew were possible.  A majority of men who get over their fear of anal play and actually try a prostate massager report much more intense orgasms as well as an overall amazing feeling.  Prostate massagers are available in a variety of types and sizes, so find one that appeals to you and give it a whirl!

Vibrating Clit Pump Sex Toy 4:  ORGASM / BEN WA BALLS

If you saw the second installment of the 50 Shades of Gray movies you know that Christian Gray loves orgasm balls.  These used to be all the rage back in the 80s, like a secret society of Ben Wa ball using women.  Today they seem to have gotten pushed aside for bigger and newer items, but I am here to tell you that Orgasms Balls are a MUST TRY!  Why?  Well, they are multi-purpose for one.  They work to keep your pelvic floor muscles tight by forcing you to do Kegels to keep them inside.  We all want tight va-jay-jays don’t we?

Secondly, they feel amazing inside as they rub around and circle each other inside of you.  Many women (including me!) can have orgasms while they are inside, just by walking around innocently.  Yep.  Ben Wa balls – get some!

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Another blast from the past, Anal Beads are an often overlooked or forgotten about item too, which is sad because they are fabulous!  Anal beads can be used by either a man or a woman, and they feel incredible for both.  Anal beads come in a variety of styles and sizes now – no longer “one size fits all.”  They have them connected on a flexible, silicone rod, joined all together, or the traditional ones on a string.  Whichever ones you try, they will bring your orgasm to new heights!  When inserted into the rectum, they provide extra sensations during oral (or standard) sex.  Then, when pulled out at the point of orgasm they create a powerful sensation that most people find intensely pleasing!


If you think that the only people who use clitoral gels are menopausal women with sexual dysfunction, you are completely wrong!  Clitoral Gels provide wonderfully stimulating, arousal-intensifying sensations to your clitoris!  What could possibly be bad about that?  Whether you are masturbating or having sex, no harm could ever be done by bringing more blood to the clitoris.  Clitoral gels work by engorging the clitoris with blood, often also providing a nice, gentle, warming sensation.  When the clit is engorged in such a way, it is more sensitive and orgasm can often be achieved more quickly.


The reason I consider this to be “non-standard” is because most men do not even think about sex toys for themselves, not to mention any item that will help with masturbation.  Most men are completely happy with their hand and lotion.  Well, dudes, let me tell you – you NEED to try a Masturbation Sleeve!  I don’t care if it is just a basic sleeve or a realistic vagina – you have not experienced solo play time that is so satisfying until you have tried a masturbation sleeve!  Many of them are internally textured too, and what could possibly go wrong with that!


Ladies, if you have not discovered the realm of Nipple Stimulating Items, then you need to get your nip-toy on!  Nipple clamps, nipple vibrators or nipple suckers are WONDERFUL items for solo or couple play!  Even if you do not think that you have sensitive nipples, I beg you to give these a try.  Nipple stimulation can, sometimes, even induce orgasm!  Yep.  You never know what will happen until you try.  Just remember, start slowly and see how you react to the stimulation.  Then, if you like it, try something different!


Now, now, don’t be scared.  Electrosex Toys are relatively new to the standard market, and they are not very well advertised, but they are amazing!  Whether you look at the tens-unit type items (they are little pads attached to electrodes that provide small jolts) or an electric vibrator – electrosex is a definite MUST CONSIDER if you are looking for something amazing and a little different.  When it comes to non-standard sex toys, Electrosex takes the cake!

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Date 9/5/2017
I would like to try a vaginal pump. I like that they can give a kind of puffy appearance to the vagina and can make more sensitive. I think my husband would like to watch me use!
Date 9/5/2017
i think masturbation and foreplay would be a lot of fun with nipple clamps or vibrators. I like the feeling of having hard, aroused nipples and I know a nipple toy could help them stay hard. Afraid they might hurt though. Maybe good beginner clamps that are adjustable will be best to start!
Date 9/5/2017
Tonya Kingston-Shay
Not on the list but my husband and I have a strap-on toy that I use on him when we are in the mood. It is long and hollow so he can use it too if we like, but usually I use it on him for anal penetration. Not for everyone but he loves how it feels and I love getting him off like that!

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