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Understanding Ben-Wa Balls and Their Many Functions..

Posted by Cara to Women's Issues
Ben-Wa balls have been used for centuries to achieve greater pleasure during intercourse, foreplay, and masturbation. One of the main questions that people have about Ben-Wa balls is “How do you get them out, won’t they get lost up there?” The vagina is one of the only organs in your body that is self-cleaning, meaning that it will push things out such as foreign objects, and bacteria. So don’t worry about the Ben-Wa balls getting stuck or lost, they won’t!

Ben-Wa balls have a couple of different uses, the first being to strengthen the kegel muscles. Think of Ben-Wa balls as dumb bell weights for your vaginal muscles. To exercise the kegel muscles you simply insert the balls into your vagina and contract your PC muscles to try to keep the balls in place.  You can even insert them and go about your daily routine, just be careful if you go out in public, you don't want a ball to slip out from under your dress and onto the floor! Believe it or not your muscles will get sore from the workout so you do not want to overdo it! These exercises are good for women with bladder control issues, and also help with vaginal elasticity. Ben-Wa balls are even recommended by gynecologists! The other use for Ben-Wa balls is to help reach orgasm easily. Since stronger muscles increase blood flow, the stronger the muscles the better the orgasm!  Some women can reach the big O just from the Ben-Wa balls rolling around inside of them.

Here are some of our favorite Ben-Wa balls at

Luna Mini Beads by Lelo

These pink and blue Luna Beads Mini made by Lelo are our top selling Ben-Wa balls.  They are one of the only sets that you can customize to your liking.  The Luna Bead Mini's come with two sets of balls, the pink ones contain the lighter weights inside of them that would be great for a first timer, and then once your PC muscles get stronger you can move up to the blue pair!  This set also comes with an optional silicone sleeve that the balls can be snapped into, with a string at one end for easy removal.  Just wait until you feel the rattling sensation inside of you from the weights rolling around inside of the balls!

The next step once you have mastered the mini Luna Beads?  Move up to the original Luna Balls for some heavier weights to work those PC muscles even more!

First Time Love Balls Duo

These First Time Love Balls Duo are great for someone who has never use Ben-Wa balls before, and are very reasonably priced!  They are not too heavy, and they won't fall out like other smaller balls will.  They are available in pink and purple and have a chord attaching them for easy removal.

First Time Triple Love Balls

If you find yourself wanting a little something more than the First Time Love Balls Duo, then you should give the Triples a try!  These will give a more "full" feeling inside of you when inserted and will give more stimulation.  The more, the merrier right?

Pink Crystal Kegel Eggs

Aren't these Kegel Eggs pretty?  They look more like home decor than a sex toy!  These eggs are all glass so they are hypoallergenic, and can be heated up or chilled for different sensations depending on what type of mood you are in.  They are heavier in weight than the First Time Love Balls, but they are about the same size therefore good for users who have already outgrown the First Time Lover Balls.  These pretty eggs are available in pink or black.

The next few Ben-Wa balls that I will introduce to you are geared more towards the experienced user since they are all very small balls.  The smaller the balls, the easier it is for them to fall out, which means that you have to work your muscles harder in order to keep them inside of you!

Metal Worx Ben-Wa Balls

These Metal Worx Ben-Wa Balls are pretty heavy for such little guys!  They can be warmed up in a bowl of warm water, or can be placed in the fridge for a cooling effect.  Since these balls are heavy and tiny, they will certainly make those PC muscles work to keep them in!

Original Ben-Wa Balls

The Original Ben-Wa Balls have around the same weight as the Metal Worx balls, but these are available in white or purple and are made of a plastic instead of the metal.  They are small and therefore harder to keep in.  You will surely get results with the use of these balls during kegel exercises!

Small Glass Ben-Wa Balls

From the Icicles Line, these Small Ben-Wa Balls are glass so they can be adjusted in temperature depending on your mood that day.  They aren't too heavy, but they are small, and glass certainly gets very slippery when wet, so these balls will be challenging to keep in, but well worth it!

Vibrating Ben-Wa balls

If you are the type of person who needs a lot of strong stimulation to reach orgasm then these vibrating Ben-Wa balls with an optional bullet are a great choice.  When you insert the balls, turn up the vibration to your desired speed and the sensation of the balls vibrating and moving around inside of you will be unlike anything you have ever felt!  If you want even more stimulation, just plug in the bullet and rub it on your clitoris until you reach orgasm!  Available in pink, purple, and black.

We also carry kegel exercisers.  These products look somewhat like dildos, but they vary in weight and are heavier than regular dildos.  These products are meant to strengthen your PC muscles.  To use kegel exercisers all you do is stand up and insert the product inside of you and then let go and try to hold it in place.  This is easier said than done since these products are heavy, thus the great kegel workout!

Energie Kegel Exerciser

Our number one kegel exerciser is the Energie Kegel Exerciser.  This product is just the right weight for a great PC muscle workout.  It will help to re-train your muscles, and also functions as a G-spot stimulator.  Getting a workout and an orgasm at the same time?  Yes please!

Purple Crystal Glass Kegel Wand

One of out newer kegel exercisers that we just got in, the Crystal Glass Kegel Wand is made of glass so is great for anyone who is sensitive to plastics, this can be warmed up or cooled down and has a gradual beaded cylinder that makes this product better for beginners and is available in purple or charcoal!

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