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Tricks To Tease Her Senses When Blindfolded

Posted by Mikayla to Men's Issues
How To Tease Her When She's BlindfoldedIf you have never blindfolded your partner during sex then it is something you must try!  Being blindfolded is a total sensory experience that will bring every fiber of your being into high alert which causes all the pleasure to be heightened in ways you have never imagined!  It is also fun for the blindfolder as he (or she) can tease and please his (or her) partner into a frenzy with surprising ease!  So if you want to try something a little bit naughty and a lot a bit FUN – then try these quick tricks for teasing HER while she is blindfolded during sex!

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LIGHT TOUCHES:  When we take away any of our 5 main senses – touch, taste, hearing, smelling or seeing – our other senses work overtime to compensate for the one that is missing.  So, when you are blindfolded, and therefore cannot see, your body will use the other senses to try and figure out what is going on.  One of the most erotic things you can do to a blindfolded person is to ask them NOT to move (or you could tie them up with some light bondage)and then caress them all over, lightly, teasingly.  Run your fingertips over her arm, lightly, and then her belly, then maybe her cheek.  She can’t see where you are going to touch her, so vary your location often.  Use light touches, the kind that gives goosebumps.  This will send her entire body into “question” mode – “when and how and where will he touch me next?”

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HEAT IT UP OR COOL IT DOWN:  When your partner can’t see what naughty little tricks you are planning you can engage with any number of sexual extras!  Take, for example, ice cubes or hot wax!  Imagine your lover lying on the bed, blindfolded, and you are kissing her, caressing her, and warming her up only to take an ice cube and drag it down her entire body!  *Shiver* I felt it, did you?  Then you can follow up that coldness with the heat of your breath and tongue!  Wherever the ice goes, you follow along!  The same can be done with some sex wax (special temperature controlled wax for the body).  You can drip little bits on her nipples, thighs and even clitoris and as it cools it hardens – giving the most delightful little sensations.  Either hot or cold sensations will give her an erotic charge!

HEAVY BREATHING:  A very simple, yet very effective way to drive your lover crazy with desire is to simply breathe on her.  Everywhere.  Every part of her.  Breathe into her ears, gently, and kiss her earlobes.  Breathe onto her neck before a quick nibble.  Tease her nipples with flicks of your tongue followed by hot breath.  Go between her legs and let her FEEL you there – breathing only – making her almost beg for more.  Oh yes, this is a very effective way to get her doing some heavy breathing of her own.

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  As mentioned, when we cannot see our hearing becomes much more acute!  Therefore, if we HEAR something familiar – like the buzzing of a vibrator or bullet – our body begins to anticipate that activity and becomes aroused!  There is nothing quite like being blindfolded and hearing your trusty B.O.B near your ear and then feeling it, finally, on your nipples, thighs, belly or vaginal area!  Playing with a sex toy is fun no matter what – but this method will bring it to a whole, new level!  There is something extra naughty about being blindfolded AND teased with a toy!

How Do You Like To Tease Her Senses?

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Date 5/10/2015
love this... makes foreplay a lot of fun... i never know what hes going to do next! it keeps me on edge!
Date 5/21/2015
he covered my eyes and surprised me with a really strong new vibrrator. definitely alot of fun!
Date 6/1/2015
sean mcgreggor
i always wanted to get a mask and put it on her and give her oral and finger her and then finally fuck her, but she wont know when i switch until it happens and she will be surprised :)
Date 6/13/2015
He ties me up and puts a mask on me and does whatever he wants to me. I never know where he going to touch me. It's so exciting.
Date 6/19/2015
I like to put the mask on HIM and kiss him all over his body while slowly making my way down ;) ;)
Date 10/26/2017
Kitty Hector
Mmmm I love being touched and teased when I don't know what my partner will do next. Makes me so excited!
Date 10/30/2017
Blindfolds are great. I hear him shift around me and lightly touch me with his fingers or toys, then move away from me so I don't know when or where he will touch me next. I also like being tied up so I can't reach out for him and give him all the control :)

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