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Mikayla's Favorite Toys To Use During Sex

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
Best Toys To Use During Sex

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Did you know that there are toys that are designed specifically for use DURING sex?  Did you know that many more toys of various kinds and sizes can also be used during sex?  Oh yes indeed.  Toys make a wonderful and saucy addition to sex as well as foreplay.  Gone are the days when your one, lonely vibrator sat in the drawer until masturbation night.  Nope!  Now toys can be multiple use for sure!  Here are some of my favorite picks for use during sex.

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As far as toys designed SPECIFICALLY with the intent of being used DURING sex, the We Vibe is the #1 choice.  This unique item is inserted into the vagina before sex, and stays in DURING sex.  The oval shaped toy delivers stimulation internally (by the G-Spot) and to the male partner as well, as his penis will stroke back and forth against the toy AND to the clitoris, as the opposite end is outside of the vagina and rests against the clitoral area.  The slim design and the flexible / soft material make this toy really amazing.  If you have never tried a couple’s vibe – this is the one to get!  Now with lots of vibration styles and patterns to choose from.


If you are looking for a fun and flirty way to add a little extra stimulation to your sex time, intercourse arousers are easy little items to use.  They fit around the penis (like a cock ring or just around the shaft) and provide stimulation via a bullet on the woman’s clitoris.  This particular arouser has 2 mini-bullets – one on the top and one on the bottom.  This will provide clitoral and lower vaginal / ball stimulation as well.  The stretchy jelly material makes it easy to use and put on.


Along the same lines as the above mentioned arouser, the Clit Flicker intercourse stimulator has a very special function:  a mini-tongue clitoral stimulator.  When placed around the penis, the little tongue protrudes toward the clit and the mini-bullet vibrator makes it dance around, causing very intense clitoral stimulation.  A wonderfully fun little item to try.


Bullets and mini-vibes are absolutely fantastic items to use DURING intercourse because they are small, precise and can be placed directly on the clitoris for stimulation during intercourse.  It can also be placed on the balls or run around the nipples or other body parts.  This little bullet is even more exceptional because instead of it being just a round bullet, it is actually like a little tongue, which gives a different type of stimulation.


Finger vibes are really a highly neglected item in the toy world.  They are looked at as almost novelty items, things you would put in a Bachelorette gift bag.  The truth is, they are FABULOUS items to use during sex!  Why?  Well, if you are going to finger your clitoris for extra stimulation ANYWAY, why not have a finger that vibrates???  This toy puts a little extra “ooompf” into clitoral stimulation – and can be used solo too, so it is a win-win!

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Date 1/5/2016
Lana B.
I have a finger vibrator we use during sex. the clit stimulation is just what I need.
Date 1/5/2016
need a small toy so it doenst get in the way never tried cock ring
Date 1/5/2016
masks whips feathers cuffs you name it
Date 1/5/2016
Suzy 2
I have a magic wand we like to use in the doggy position. It really helps me out :)

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