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Mikayla's Favorite Power Toys

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Each person has their own preference when it comes to the punch their toys pack.  Meaning, some women (or men) like lower vibrations, softer speeds, more teasingly erotic touches; while other women (or men) like me, enjoy POWERFUL vibrations, lots of power, the stronger the better!  It is always nice to have options, too.  Lighter, gentler toys for certain activities and the “no-holds-barred” options for when you are in THAT mood.  Me personally, I am ALWAYS in THAT mood!  Mika loves her power!  So, if you love some pretty powerful playthings OR are looking to amp up your toy selection, read on for my picks for POWER TOYS!

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In all my years of reviewing toys and there have been over 800 of them, I have yet to find a more powerful vibrator than the Magic Wand.  Truthfully, any of the magic wand options (for the most part) are amazing.  The Magic Wand is incredibly intense with ultra-powerful vibrations, a soft, padded end for sensual stimulation, and, the best part – you can and SHOULD actually use it as a massager!  This item is like getting a two-fer – a remarkable massager AND a super powerful vibrator.  While you can’t insert this item, what you CAN do is drive yourself absolutely insane with orgasms.  If I am in the mood for fast, hard, deep, multiple orgasms – I ALWAYS reach for my wand!


I am fortunate enough to own 2 Little Chromas by Jimmy Jane.  I actually keep one in my car!  They are super small, sleek, elegant, POWERFUL and simply amazing.  They have a very unique motor system that actually provides nearly silent vibrations that are strongest at the tip – where you want it – and then the vibration strength tapers a bit as you move down toward the base.  They are completely waterproof, you can chill them in the freezer, or warm them in water.  The best part is – if you happen to wear out your vibrator – and face it, some of us do kill our vibrators – you can get a replacement motor that simply slides back in and you start again!  No kidding.  The aluminium casing will last forever with proper use and care.  Small but MIGHTY POWERFUL – the Jimmy Jane Little Chroma is my mini-tornado for use on the go, during sex, for masturbation or anytime I need precise, targeted pleasure!


EVERY woman needs a rabbit dual action vibrator.  EVERY WOMAN.  However, which one do you choose?  Most of them are extremely effective for dual action pleasures, but what if you want power?  Well, hands down (or legs up) the iVibe is the most powerful rabbit vibrator I have yet to experience.  There is so much going on with this toy that your senses will be overloaded in the very, best way.  The realistically designed penis head and shaft rotate inside in both directions, the shaft has rotating pleasure beads to really hit and tease ALL of your internal spaces, the clitoral stimulator (bunny ears) is AMAZINGLY powerful and absolutely PERFECT for clitoral climax, and add to that the different combinations you can use for rotation, vibration and clitoral stimulation this toy is one, hot rabbit!


Bullets offer such targeted pleasure to your clitoris that every woman should have more than one for their go-to toy.  Bullets can be used in so many ways – internally, clitorally, during intercourse, during a blowjob, anally, or anywhere on the body you want a bit of a buzz.  The Velvet Touch is a great option because it is powerful, has 4 levels of vibrations, is small for that exact fit and precision you want from a bullet AND it is waterproof.  WIN – WIN – WINNNNNNN!


Lelo products are always high quality, and the LILY mini personal massager is no different.  The contours of the LILY are made to fit where YOU need them to fit.  The easy to operate design is a definite bonus, and the quiet, yet powerful, motor delivers absolutely powerful vibrations right where you want it.  The fact that there are NO cords, it is rechargeable, and perfect for travel makes this item an excellent choice for power AND value.  Lelo products rock and LILY will rock your orgasm!

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Date 12/8/2015
Oh definitely my wand vibe that thing shakes the house
Date 12/8/2015
I have a bullet toy that's the strongest toy I've ever owned but I think I want to try a little chroma. They look really sleek
Date 12/8/2015
Owl Girl
I have a small pocket vibrator that is surprisingly strong. I wouldn't mind having an internal vibrator that strong.
Date 12/8/2015
I love Lelo vibrators. Thety are so nice and I love how unique some of their toys are!

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