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Mikayla's Favorite Silicone Toys

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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When it comes to the material a sex toy is made from, silicone is one of the highest ranked materials for its smooth finish, long-lasting enduring power, hypoallergenic capacity and sheer quality all around.  A toy made from silicone will last longer than any other “soft touch” toy (i.e jellies and rubbers) and its soft and supple texture combined with a subtle firmness makes it an excellent material for dildos and vibrators.  Silicone is definitely a wonderful pleasure investment.  One rule with Silicone:  NO SILICONE LUBES!  The silicone lube will ultimately deteriorate the toy.  So, water-based lubes only!

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The Tantus line of silicone toys is of the highest quality.  I love anything from Tantus.  The Echo is a very unique dildo that has these amazingly stimulating waves on the shaft and a little micro bullet that slides up into the base.  It can be used with a strap-on or alone.  The soft, smooth, beautiful purple silicone makes it sexy, sleek and seductive to use.  The slight curve is also extremely satisfying.  This toy is high quality and will run you slightly more than a standard dildo, but it is worth every cent!


The Charming Cherries is a vaginal stimulator that can be used for Kegel exercises.  Kegels are extremely important for vaginal health, and also fun to use.  The double balls of this toy offer two different sensations when inserted and the duo-tone design makes it ideal for Kegel exercises as well.  Plus, the light purple silicone material makes it soft and long-lasting.  This toy is A-class all the way!


Erotic balls – also known as Ben Wa Balls or Orgasm Balls are a really cool item to have in your toybox.  You can use them as Kegel exercisers, vaginally for some sexy stimulation when masturbating, or anally during sex or masturbation.  These are silicone, which means they are very easy to clean up and store.  They have internal, metal weights that will excite your inner spaces and add a little something-something to any play you use them for!

Tantus Slow Drive Curved Dildo

Another fantastic silicone toy by Tantus, the Slow Drive will drive you slowly crazy with orgasmic need!  This toy has a very nice curved tip which is fantastic for G-Spot stimulation.  The flexible, yet still solid silicone is ideal for a toy designed for G-Spot stimulation.  Can be used alone or is also strap-on compatible.


This cool dildo is 2 toys in one!  It has a standard dildo shaft, with a slightly rounded tip but it also has an anal attachment too!  You can insert the thin, beaded anal probe while you are using the main dildo for some amazing double penetration play!  The smooth silicone will insert in either location easily and smoothly, and the semi-firm state of the toy will make play easy and fun!  If you are looking for a high quality toy that also will last a long time, give the Tantus flex a try and FLEX your masturbatory muscles!
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Date 1/4/2016
Joy R.
I have very sensitive skin so I prefer silicone or glass but silicone is my favorite because it's soft
Date 1/4/2016
Taylor Giles
jelly bc it feels real and flexible
Date 1/4/2016
Glass - very pretty

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