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Mikayla's Favorite Lubes & Gels

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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Over the last 10 years I have become a giant fan of lubes.  I used to think, ignorantly, that if I “needed” lube that it meant my body was not operating properly.  Nothing can be further from the truth, honestly.  Lube has its purpose in a sexual relationship.  Sometimes it is just for some extra comfort, other times it helps when you are not producing enough lubrication naturally, it is a necessity for anal play, and is a wonderful addition to oral sex.  Lubes have come a long way since the days when there was K-Y and Astroglide only.  Now there are literally hundreds of different lubrications and oral sex gels to add to your toybox.  I firmly advocate that you always have at least three lubrications on hand – one water based, one silicone based and one edible.  There are different reasons to use each type of lube and you never want to be caught without some.  So, here are my top picks in lubes and oral sex gels to add to your supply of “must haves.”

Why You Should Use Lube


Water-based lubes are an absolute necessity because they go with any type of toy (jelly, silicone, glass, realskin) without any adverse reactions between the toy material and the lube.  Water-based lubes are also hypoallergenic for use by anyone, non-staining, non-sticky and inexpensive.  The only downfall to most water-based lubes is the need to reapply because they get absorbed by the body more readily.  A water-based lube is the go-to choice for any use, especially the occasional dryness that most women experience.  Completely condom safe, this is a one-stop lube for sure!


Silicone lubricants are different from water-based lubes in many ways, most notably their long-lastingness.  Silicone lubricants are also much thicker, and create more of a “cushion” during use.  For these reasons, silicone lubricants are ideal for anal sex or anal play.  The need to reapply is infrequent and they are excellent for use with some toys.  However, silicone lubes can NOT be used with all types of toys.  You cannot use a silicone lubricant with silicone, jelly or realskin toys because the reaction will cause an erosion of the toy material and the lube will actually start to solidify on the toys.  Silicone lubes can be a bit more on the expensive side, but, they last longer because you need to use less to get the desired effect.  This lube is easily one of my favorites, especially for anal play, and I use it with all my glass toys!


Edible lubes are absolutely essential for any toybox because they add a little flirty fun to oral sex – or, to any sex.  When you can use a lube that you can EAT, it makes transitioning from sex to oral and back again really convenient.  Edible lubes can also help with those who may be apprehensive about oral sex (yes, you newbies) and add a little flavor to the party.  This particular lube tastes fantastic and is super long-lasting.  Also, safe for use with ALL toys.  Now there is a bargain for sure.


Stimulating creams are a wonderful invention!  What better than a gel that creates a sensation like warming or cooling?  You can drastically change the sensations of sex by using a lube that creates a gentle warming sensation.  This will aid in arousal as well by bringing the blood to the clitoris.  This enhances sensation and increases arousal, making the likelihood of orgasm more possible.  Similarly, a cooling gel can change the sensation and simply bring a unique tingle to play time.  Any sensation you choose, lubes that create a new experience are always winners in my book.  This particular gel is organic and free of menthol (so it won’t be a super cooling sensation).  It will aid in bringing the blood to the clitoris and making arousal easier – and therefore orgasm quicker.


You know what they say, what is good for the woman is good for the guy.  Why shouldn’t men have a gel that helps them as well!  This particular desensitizing cream works to, well, make the erection last longer by providing a 1-2 punch of mild desensitization AND a Ginseng zip for harder erections.  I have had a partner who has tried this product and he swears it is the best on the market as to the sensations.  His erection is harder and lasts longer.  He says that the desensitization is not so thorough that he can’t enjoy, but it does just enough to make him last a big longer – and longer is better!

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Date 11/23/2015
Astroglide has been a longtime favorite of mine
Date 11/23/2015
Kimmi L.
I never really used lubes much when I was yonger but they really came in handy as I got older. They really help
Date 11/23/2015
Desensitizing cream has done great things for my relationship. i used to finish too fast before and it was hurting my sexlife but now i can make her cum over and over again
Date 11/23/2015
Margret 45
using clitcream during sex is the best
Date 11/23/2015
I have never tried an edible gel before. Do they actually taste good? They seem like they wouldn't.

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