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Mikayla's Favorite Rabbit Vibes

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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A top-shelf favorite toy for women is consistently the Rabbit Vibrator.  This is a general term for Dual action (internal and clitoral stimulation at the same time) vibrators that also have a unique clitoral stimulator that looks like “bunny ears.”  There are many variations for the clitoral stimulators like butterfly antennae and the like, but a true “Rabbit” vibrator has the bunny ears.  So, wanna know the best Rabbit Vibes – here you go!

How To Choose The Right Vibe For You


This rabbit vibe packs a powerful punch!  With the standard dual action features this toy also has 6 shaft rotation options / speeds, 7 patterns of clitoral stimulation speeds / vibrations, the vibration and rotation options operate independent of each other, which means you can find exactly what will set you off, there are spinning pleasure beads inside the shaft to really get your insides stimulated, and it has an easy to operate push button activation station on the base!  If this vibe can’t get you to orgasmic bliss then you must have forgotten the batteries!


This bunny is packed to the hilt with options!  The pleasingly shaped shaft has over 90 pleasure beads inside that will tease and tantalize all your inner spaces.  The 7 functions of vibrations and patterns equal 21 different combos to get you right where you NEED to be.  The “HOT” button will offer you surprise pattern – cause sexy surprises are GOOD!  Add to that a very powerful bunny clitoral stimulator and you are sure to be in O-Town before you know it!


From the side this one sort of looks like Darth Vader giving the force hold on a little bunny.  This not-so-wittle waterproof rabbit will deliver you to the Orgasm Side in no time.  Powerful dual actions, a flirty and powerful bunny clitoral stimulator and powerful vibration options will make this black bunny your favorite!


This is the “abstract rabbit” vibe, as it really doesn’t LOOK like a standard rabbit vibe, but it does offer the same delectable bunny ear clitoral teasers!  Made of seductive silicone this extremely quiet vibrator comes with a rechargeable battery for years and years of play.  The flexible shaft allow you to pin-point your pleasure and the unique bunny ears are operated on their own motor (and there are 3 separate ones in this toy!)  This toy has everything you want and need from a rabbit vibe and then some!


As with all toy lines, the rabbit category has its high end options too.  This realistic rabbit has some fantastic features: the “mushroom” shaped shaft head rotates inside you, there are moveable bullets inside for an extremely different sensation while playing, the silicone wrapped bunny ear clitoral stimulator is super strong and will get you going fast, the multi-function and pattern vibrations will make you scream and all of this in a waterproof toy!  Definitely worth the investment, in my opinion!

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Date 1/4/2016
Tina Knightly
Hmm I've had a bathtime bunny for a while that I really love. Good and strong and waterproof
Date 1/4/2016
Eve's Rabbit has always been my favorite. I can't think of a better toy.

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