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Mikayla's Favorite Anal Toys

Posted by Mikayla to Anal Sex
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While I realize that some couples (or people in general) are not into anal play, I also know that anal play is an exciting addition to any sexual activity and I wish more couples would experiment with this type of activity.  There is a wide range of anal items from plugs, to beads, to vibrators – and all of them can be used on females or males.  There are, however, special items just for prostate stimulation (for males only) which, I hear, are fantastic!  So, whether you are an experienced anal player or new to the game – read on to find some of my favorite selections in this genre.


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Back in the day, anal beads were ALL the rage.  They were the “risqué” toy to use during sex.  Nowadays there are so many varieties of them that you can experiment with size, shape, material, vibration.  These silicone beads are fantastic!  The variety of shape (more like a teardrop than a bead), combined with the semi-flexible nature of them AND the fact that they vibrate makes for a wonderfully easy and super stimulating anal experience.  Traditional anal beads can be a bit, um, tricky to use because they are flexible and tend to twist and fold – but anal beads on a stick – now that is the way to go!  These come with a moderate price tag, but with proper care they will last a long, long time.  Also, if you choose AND take proper hygienic precautions – you could use these vaginally as well.  Options, options!


I tend to have faith that any person who experiences anal play is going to want to CONTINUE experiencing anal stimulation.  Why?  Well, when it is done correctly, with the right items and proper lube, it is an amazing experience!  This particular set is wonderful for new players and experienced ones because there is a variety of sizes in one set PLUS LUBE!  The smallest of the 4 anal plugs is about the size of a finger.  Finger stim is a great way to begin, so this is perfect.  Then, they gradually increase in size until you get to the largest, which is a small anal vibrator!  Oh, you can move up to not only a larger size item but an anal vibe!  WIN!  These are made from a super soft material (should be used with water-based lubes only), they are firm enough to penetrate smoothly but are flexible enough for comfort in play.  If you are thinking of introducing anal to your sexperience – this is a perfect kit!


Any toy that has dual uses or dual textures is one that I will LOVE.  This double ended plug has something for any anal mood you may have.  One side is smooth and has a bulbous tip – for more classic anal stimulation or ideal someone who is new to anal experience.  The other side is deliciously beaded for some “extra” stimulation.  The super smooth glass feels incredible as it is inserted! You can use it for anal or vaginal play, so, no matter which mood you are in, this glass anal toy can fit the bill.  Also, who says you can’t have both?  YOU CAN!  Go on, try it.


I LOVE and I mean LOVE vibrating anal plugs.  I also LOVE a plug that can be inserted without the fear of it coming out.  Cause sometimes you just want to insert it and forget it – well, you won’t forget this plug, but you get my meaning.  With a smooth bulbous head – this plug inserts in easily.  The top is sort of like a teardrop shape, with the middle being the largest.  It sits on a stem and the base is wide and contains the controls.  Controls?  Oh yes, this plug VIBRATES!  With just a push on the base 10 different vibration / pulsations spring into action inside you!  WOW.  It is amazingly powerful, feels super stimulating and, the best part, it is 100% waterproof.  So, you can put in the plug with or without the vibrations and just play all day and all night.  If I had to pick one anal plug – this one would be it!  Good for newbies and experienced players alike – just make sure to use some water based lube to help you out – or in – or in and out.


Yes, I know I do not have a prostate.  I do, however, have a lover who has a prostate.  I have been introducing my male pals to prostate massaging toys for years.  YEARS!  When Aneros first came out with a specialty toy I was all over it.  I know just how fantastic anal play can be for ME – and I wanted to share that sensation with my partner.  Aneros is, hands down, the leader in anal stimulation toys for men.  I would recommend any of their items for sure.  This particular option is a standard for their line.  It is not too large, so it is great for that anal newbie, and it is tapered and on the smallish side for easy insertion.  The super smooth material and the particularly designed “prostate curves” make it impossible not to hit your mark when you insert.  The item is made from a sturdy plastic so insertion will be pain-free.  You can insert this item for your lover or he can play solo.  This is the one-stop prostate shop item for sure!  Give your lover the gift of an amazing orgasm – give him an Aneros prostate toy.

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Date 11/23/2015
No but im willing to give it another try
Date 11/23/2015
I have seen other anal trainer sets but most of them have seemed too close to the same size to really be worth getting. this one seems like a good set, though. I like that it comes with 4
Date 11/23/2015
Lizzie R.
Mmmmm yeah! looks exciting!
Date 11/23/2015
Marcy & Jake
We've been curious about anal play for the both of us and it looks like its time to give it a try!
Date 11/23/2015
Fun toys! It puts me in the mood:)
Date 12/5/2015
cant seem to "open" up to let my hubby in or take anything but his finger.. BUTT hubby LOVES it he is "open" to anything that touches his prostate he has "his toys" just like I have mine he even has a medium size dildo that I use on him because he likes pegging but I cant find a harness that will fit me (plus plus size)

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