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Mikayla's Favorite Nipple Toys

Posted by Mikayla to General / Misc Info
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The nipples are a wonderfully sensitive erogenous zone – but, they are highly ignored when it comes to sexual enhancement products.  Many people don’t even THINK there are items available exclusively for nipple stimulation, but there ARE!  If you (or your partner) have sensitive nipples and enjoy different sensations and stimulations then there is a definite call to look at and explore items designed for nipple stimulation!

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When I think nipple stimulation the first thing I think of are: nipple clamps!  There are many varieties of clamps from super tight and “pinchy” to a gentler form to vibrating ones.  This particular set is wonderful for newbies and experienced nipple pinchers alike.  These cordless, light and easily adjustable vibrating nipple clamps are easy to use:  place on, adjust, push the button to activate vibrations and ENJOY.  The vibrations are not overly powerful, but they definitely get the job done.  They are lightweight and the padded clamps are adjustable for the perfect pressure for you.  If you are going to try vibrating clamps, these are a great pair to try.


For those women who want a little more of a “pinch” clover clamps are the way to go!  These stunning metal clamps work on a “squeeze and release” mechanism, which means that you squeeze to open the clamp, then you release for it to pinch on the nipple.  These clamps are TIGHT and are meant to be put on and then the attached chain can be pulled on without the clamps coming off.  Also commonly called Butterfly Clamps, these clamps are not for first timers, as they do pack a pinch.  However, if you love nipple play – and a little pain – these clamps definitely fit the bill.


Nipple products are not always just for the pleasure / pain principle.  Sometimes they have a dual purpose like some flirty nipple decoration!  These clamps (available in different options as to the beads or decorations) are functional AND seductive.  The “tweezer” style clamp has rubber pads on the end and clamps on the nipple by sliding up a securing bar up the clip until the desired pressure is achieved.  Not meant for tugging or extreme pressure, just for flirty fun and a little bit of a pinch.


There are more options for nipple play than just the clamps.  Nipple suckers are an amazing product to try.  They are basically little mini-suction devices that will suck the nipple in and stay put.  This adds a different sensation than a clamp would, but it is still very enjoyable.  These suckers have the added bonus of a mini vibrator on each AND an additional clitoral sucker as well!  If the idea of a clamp intimidates you, but you still want to experiment with nipple stimulation, then surely get your nipple play on with this nipple sucker set!


Just like there are gels and balms for clitoral stimulation there are the same for the nipples!  Nipple Nibblers provide a gentle tingly sensation when applied to the nipples (or anywhere else!) and taste great too.  Completely edible, this balm can be combined with other fun options like clamps, nipple suckers or just your own mouth or imagination.  Nipple nibblers are a tasty way to add just a bit more sensation and a lot more fun to your foreplay!
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Date 12/8/2015
I have a pair of nipple clamps that I loooove ;)
Date 12/8/2015
Kaylie Kurns
I used to think it was kind of boring until I got a little older - now its a staple of foreplay
Date 12/8/2015
inever used clamps or vibrators before but i like licking and sucking

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